seed saving classOur lively, inspiring, and engaging classes have become very popular among schools, environmental organizations, garden centers, and other institutions. We offer a variety of seed saving and gardening classes for adults and for kids. We’ve taught classes in several Elementary, Middle School, High School, and College Classrooms, as well as the Idaho Botanical Garden, several public libraries, the MK Nature Center, the Idaho Sustainable Agriculture Symposium, the Foothills Learning Center, several independent garden centers, and so many more! We’ve also teamed up with the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance to offer several Seed School in a Day programs, as well as helped out with their week-long Seed School immersions.

Please visit the testimonials page for reviews of our classes. Class times can be somewhat flexible, but a general guideline is included with the descriptions below for planning purposes.  Pricing varies by class and institution, and there are a few scholarships available for qualified organizations. Don’t hesitate to contact us with requests to teach a class at your workplace or other institution! We LOVE to teach people about SEEDS!20110918-_MG_4407-46


Seeds–Whose Care?  –   1 hr

A great class for college classes, environmental groups, and others who want to understand some of the the issues surrounding seeds, but who aren’t looking for a hands-on, how to save seeds class. Includes a brief history of seeds in the United States, a celebration of the miraculousness of seeds and their relation to culture and agriculture, issues surrounding patenting, GMOs, and other threats to seeds, and basic seed literacy.

Seed Saving 101 –   1- 1.5 hours

Our basic, down-n-dirty seed saving how-to class. Participants learn the basics of how to save good, pure seed, focusing mostly on easy-to-save seeds but briefly describing methods for more challenging crops. Includes class handouts and an overview of  plant reproduction and pollination. Of course, folks will leave delighted and bedazzled by the power and beauty of seeds as well!

Seed Saving 102  – 1-1.5 hours

This class is for folks who have a basic understanding of seed saving but who would like to take their efforts to the next level. Here we delve into isolation techniques, hand-pollinating, population sizes, and some of the more breathtaking models of community seed stewardship.

Summer on a Seed Farm!  –  1-3 hours

This one’s only offered at our own beautiful Earthly Delights Farm. Once a summer, we invite folks out to the farm for some hands-on fun with seeds! We walk our gardens with our students, pointing out seeds in various stages of maturity, detailing our isolation methods, harvesting techniques, and all sorts of other yummy tidbits. We also tour the demonstration gardens of Draggin’ Wing High Desert Nursery, with whom we share space. Participants learn how to hand-pollinate squash, to determine when seed is ready to harvest, and more! One of our favorite summertime events!

Pollinator Day

Another farm-only offering. We team up with Draggin’ Wing Farm to invite the public out to learn all about pollinators. We bring in experts on native pollinators, honeybees, landscaping for pollinators, and more, as well as teaching visitors about pollinators and seed production! Usually held in early June–check our facebook page or get on our email list to be invited to the event!

Seed Processing  – 1-2 hours

This fun, hands on class gives participants a brief overview of seed saving and then gets them involved with the hands on process of cleaning seeds. We’ll thresh and winnow dry seeds, we’ll process, decant, and dry wet seeds, and we’ll together witness the magic of an abundance of seeds piling up from dried up stalks or pulpy goop. Guaranteed to enrapture even the hardest hearts.

Seed School in a Day –  8 hours

idfall.seedschoolWe partner up with the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance to teach Seed School in a Day, a powerful, one-day workshop aimed at shifting the seed paradigm back into the hands of our communities. The program is a condensed version of Seed School, the acclaimed six-day course that has graduated more than 500 students and launched dozens of inspiring local projects worldwide. Created by longtime seed educators Bill McDorman and Belle Starr, the course draws upon 30 years of expertise in seed cultivation, harvesting, cleaning, marketing and distribution.

Following the successes of more than 20 Seed School courses, Seed School in a Day offers a comprehensive overview of seed knowledge available nowhere else. The program covers a wide range of topics spanning the history, science, business, and craft of seeds. Practical, hands-on activities are balanced with engaging lectures to provide a fun and interactive learning experience. Adult and teen participants of all skill levels and backgrounds are welcome to participate in this challenging yet accessible workshop.