Seed Rack Locations

Our seeds are grown in the Intermountain West by small family farmers who care deeply about raising them well. In addition to buying them from our ~Online Seed Catalog~ or the Boise Farmers Market seasonally (early spring & holiday markets only); they can be purchased from RETAIL SEED RACKS at independent nurseries, retail stores, and co-ops around the Intermountain West!

Currently, the following stores offer our seeds:


In Ontario, Oregon: Andrews Seeds

In Boise, Idaho: Edwards Greenhouse, North End Organic Nursery, Zamzows on Federal Way and Chinden

In Salt Lake City, Utah: Liberty Heights Fresh



North End Organic Nursery

Edwards Greenhouse

Boise Co-op (downtown and Village locations)

The Garden Shoppe

Zamzows – All 11 locations: MERIDIAN, NAMPA, CALDWELL, EAGLE, KUNA, & BOISE

The Idaho Botanical Garden gift shop

In Coeur d’ Alene: Pilgrim’s Market

In Driggs: MD Nursery & Landscaping

In Idaho Falls: Town and Country Gardens

In Ketchum: Moss Garden Center

In McCall: May Hardware, Franz Witte Nursery, High Mountain Nursery

In Moscow: The Moscow Food Co-op

In Ponderay: Ponderay Garden Center

In Pocatello: Pocatello Co-op


In Ontario: Andrews Seeds

In Enterprise: Alderslope Nursery


In Salt Lake City:

Liberty Heights Fresh

Moonlight Garden Supply

Don’t see your local shop on our list?

Ask them to carry Snake River Co-op Seeds!

Seed Rack Wholesale Inquiry

If you are a retail store curious about placing a seed rack in your store, we’d love to talk!

What some of our current retail seed partners have said about us:

“Customers like that these are locally grown, helps give them confidence that they can also grow these seeds. Your friendly, personal customer service is very important, can’t get that from big corporate companies.”  – Gary, Zamzows, Middleton, ID

“We love working with you: the ease, the wide variety of seeds, the customer service, and the peace of mind of being able to sell a seed to my customers that I know is going to do well and keep them coming back year after year.” – James, Town & County Gardens, Idaho Falls, ID

“People got really excited about some of the varieties….and also appreciated the locally adapted aspect.” – Doug, Boise Co-op, Meridian, ID

“We love being able to carry a line of local seeds and we received great feedback from customers that used your seeds. The product was always shipped quickly and Casey was great to work with.” – Jason, Moss Garden Center, Ketchum, ID


What can we offer as a business partner?

SNAKE RIVER SEED COOPERATIVE takes pride in offering a selection of top-of-the-line seeds grown using organic methods by family farmers in the Intermountain West: currently in Idaho, Utah, Washington. Our seeds stand out with high-quality packaging, unique varieties, interesting descriptions, and inviting “Local Seeds!” signage. Carrying our seeds shows your customers you are committed to sourcing high-quality seeds from local farmers.

What makes us different?

We offer transparency in a world of decreasing seed biodiversity, where most seeds are grown on huge-scale farms, using questionable farming practices, and shipped around the world. With our seeds, you know every seed was grown in our bioregion, meaning our seeds are better adapted to our local climate and soils. We carry unique native varieties and regional heirlooms, in addition to our complete line of 100% GMO-free heirloom and open-pollinated varieties.

How can we help you?

As a long-term business partner, we will continue to bring new and interesting varieties into our offerings, giving gardeners new things to try each season, in addition to beloved old favorites. We engage our customers by empowering them to play an integral role in the creation of a ROBUST REGIONAL SEEDSHED, and making it fun–and tasty–to do so. Our current nursery & retail store partners have reported a more positive image in the eyes of their customers because they carry our seeds.


– All of our seeds are germination tested annually and meet or exceed federal regulations

– All seed packets are printed with variety name, planting instructions, lot number, and individual UPC code.

– Choose varieties from our availability list, or request our best-sellers option and we’ll put together a collection of our best sellers for you based on the number of slots in your rack. We also offer a “mountain gardeners” selection for cold climates!

-Easy to re-order…we work with our partners on an individual basis to develop a reorder plan that works for them. Partners place reorders through email, phone, or text, and in some cases we visit the store and restock for them. We look forward to working on a plan that fits your business’ needs.

-We offer an end-of-year buyback of 20% of your purchased packets, up to 75 packets, for which we will give you a credit toward next year’s order. (We donate refunded packets to local charities and gardening groups).

-We have a limited supply of seed racks available for loan to our partners. Our handmade wooden racks hold either 50, 100, 200, or 250 varieties, and new for 2018, we’ve added beautiful custom made-in-the-USA shippable wire racks that hold 60 varieties on a single side, or 120 varieties by using both sides of the rack.

-Terms are 30 days unless other arrangements are made (we can accommodate other terms)

Why “Our” Seeds?

Q: Does it really matter if seeds are grown locally?

A: YES! Seeds are amazing in their ability to adapt to a particular place. Seeds grown in our bioregion do better in our bioregion. Additionally, choosing locally-grown seeds keeps more money in the hands of local farmers and makes our own regional economy more robust and diverse!

Q: Are these seeds non-GMO?

A: YES! Home gardeners can’t buy a GMO seed from a garden seed packet to plant in their own gardens. GMO seeds are only sold to large-scale farmers at this point. However, some larger brands might be owned by a company who also engages in genetic engineering. Every farmer who grows seeds for Snake River Seed Cooperative is adamantly opposed to GMOs and have signed the “SAFE SEED PLEDGE” which states that we don’t knowingly grow or sell GMO seeds.

Q: Are these seeds organic?

A: All of our seeds are grown organically using natural, organic processes, with no spray or chemicals and are untreated. Some of our family farmers certify organic, but some are either too small for the expense of organic certification or do not own or have a long lease on the land they farm, making organic certification implausible. Since not all of our farmers are certified organic, we cannot put the “organic” label on our packets.

Q: Are these seeds heirloom?

A: Some of them. All of them are “open-pollinated” meaning non-hybrid. They will all grow true-to-type, so you can save and successfully replant your own seed. Heirlooms are simply older varieties of “open-pollinated” seeds. Newer varieties are also important. Everything evolves, and we need seeds that evolve along with us. Still, many heirlooms have superior flavors or are in danger of disappearing, and we happily steward hundreds of heirloom varieties.

Q: What’s so special about Snake River Seed Co-op?

A: In addition to all the stuff mentioned above, we are unique in a few other ways…

  1. We are TINY and very local! Many seed companies buy seeds from all over the world and then just fill packets with their company logo on them in big warehouses with machines and robots and computers. We are a cooperative of 29 small-scale family farmers growing 100% of our seeds right here in the Intermountain West. We dry and clean them on the farms they’re grown on, and then package them by hand in a modest little shed on one of our farms.
  2. We test varieties for our area! Every year we’ll grow out lots of varieties of a certain crop, like melons or leeks, and we’ll evaluate how each one does right here in the Intermountain West. We make our selections for varieties to offer based on these trials.
  3. We offer lots of unique native plants, as well as heirlooms native to the region!
  4. We provide extra income for small family farmers. Farming, especially using labor-intensive organic practices, is a labor of love. Growing plants for seed (in addition to growing for produce) is another source of income for small farmers and provides them a little extra income in the winter months when they would not otherwise have any income.

To place an order or request an availability list, please call Casey at (208) 284-3712, or email We’re very happy to work with you!