Our Seed Growers

A portion of the 29 farmers who grow seed for SRSC that attended our annual growers meeting in Boise, August, 2017.

We work with 29 small-scale, family farmers to steward over 300 varieties of seeds, which with each generation of planting, selecting, and saving, are becoming more adapted to our unique place on earth.

In 2017, we  increased our cooperative of Intermountain West growers from 17 to 29! We added excellent growers from Paradise & Salt Lake City, Utah as well as Pollock & Kuna, Idaho. Check out this handy dandy map that shows where we all are!

New This Year!

Check out our new emblem that will be seen on websites, farmer’s market booths, and in front of farmer’s field that will help you identify the 29 members of our grower’s cooperative.  When you buy seeds from SRSC, your purchase is keeping money in our region while helping support small family farmers around the Intermountain West.

Seed Grower Bios



Boise, Idaho

Casey O’Leary is a “seed freak” who runs Earthly Delights Farm in Boise, Idaho and is also the founder/operator of Snake River Seed Cooperative. Earthly Delights is a human-powered farm on a shared urban farm in northwest Boise specializing in locally-adapted seeds and offering an 18-week CSA veggie subscription service, as well as gardening classes and a season-long, curriculum-based internship program for those interested in learning about urban farming and seed saving.

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Nampa, Idaho

Janie Burns has been active in providing local food for local people since 1989 when she started selling organic vegetables at Boise’s first downtown farmers’ market. She is a charter vendor of the new Boise Farmers Market where she sells grass-fed lamb and pastured poultry raised on her 16-acre Meadowlark Farm south of Nampa. Over the past 23 years, she has raised a wide variety of crops and sold to restaurants, CSAs and to retail stores. Janie is presently the chair of the Treasure Valley Food Coalition, an organization promoting a vibrant local food economy and ending the “tyranny of the tasteless tomato”.  Janie shares her excellent seed stock of Floriani Flint corn with us!

Sept Lori Bevan


Boise, Idaho

Lori Bevan operates a small-scale urban farm in southeast Boise: Field Goods Farm. Healthy, feel-good (field-good) nourishment and soil comes from cover cropping, local compost and LOVE. No synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides EVER. Along with her farmdog Poppy the chug (pug+chihuahua), they are dedicated to growing delicious, high-quality vegetables, herbs and fruit while improving the soil & environment. For seed production, she grows Peppers, Armenian Cucumbers, Dwarf Scotch Blue Curled Kale, Ruby Streaks Mustard, Cosmos, Black & Brown-Eyed Susans, Wild West Sunflowers, and a smattering of other flowers. She also introduced a rare variety of pink lady radish to our SRSC offerings.


June Diane Jones


Boise, Idaho

A self-proclaimed “plant nut”, Diane is the owner/operator of Draggin’ Wing High Desert Nursery which produces a wide array of Idaho native and locally adapted water-thrifty plants for landscaping. Most plants are hardy perennials, along with a handful of colorful native annuals. She focuses on low-maintenance, low-water, pollinator-friendly landscape plants.

Dec Helen Brookman

Helen Brookman, SEEDSTER

Boise, Idaho

Helen is a Master Gardener and a founding member of the Common Wealth Seed Library (now the Snake River Seed Library) and has been a grower for SRSC ever since we started this wacky endeavor. She is an avid backyard gardener, some seasons growing in her own yard, her elderly neighbor’s, and two different community garden plots. Though small in scale, her impact on the co-op is huge. As a librarian, Helen has a penchant for researching rare varieties and then trialing them in one of her gardens. When she thinks something is promising, she’ll share it with us in the co-op. Over the years, Helen has grown a HUGE range of crops for us, from her Canyon County Fair Grand Prize-winning: Tuxana Sweet corn (pictured in the photo above) to Cocozelle Zucchini, Marketmore cucumbers, zinnias, tons of flowers and tomatoes, and so much more! She routinely offers seed saving classes through the public library system and through the Master Gardeners.

Dan Meyer, Tim McKinley, & Claire Opperman, MORNING OWL FARM

Boise, Idaho

Morning Owl Farm is a sustainable and natural produce farm eight miles from the heart of Idaho’s capitol city. Established in 2004 and overlooking the Boise River on Hammer Flat, they incorporate the best practices in sustainable agriculture to provide CSA subscriptions and produce for local restaurants and other wholesale outlets. They do not use any synthetic sprays, fertilizers, or chemicals nor any genetically modified seeds or plant starts. Dan, Claire, and Tim grow Glass Gem Corn, Gold Medal & Black Cherry Tomatoes, Pintung Long Eggplant, Rainbow Lacinto Kale, and Thai Basil for seed.

The Sommer Family, PURPLE SAGE FARM

Middleton, Idaho

We grow a wide variety of culinary and medicinal herbs, specialty greens, specialty vegetables, and grass-fed lamb. We have been Certified Organic for 30 years and our farm is just North of Middleton, Idaho. We sell our produce to wholesale distributors, restaurants, grocery stores, at the Boise Farmers Market and online.

Purple Sage Farms is a family owned and operated organic farm, one of the oldest food-producing farms in the Treasure Valley, they grow fresh herbs, greens, and specialty produce in greenhouses. Started in 1988 in Middleton by Tim and Tamara to return to their farming roots and raise their kids on the land, they grow fresh herbs, greens, and specialty produce in greenhouses. Now those “kids”, Mike, Arlie & Kelby – the next generation – have taken over!

They were trailblazers in organic growing practices and helped to establish Idaho’s state organic certification. They are dedicated to contributing seed to Snake River Seed Cooperative because they believe that a huge part of being sustainable is being self-reliant by growing your own seed, or growing seed for your local community which keeps genes and dollars here where they can do the most good.

They grow seed for: Culinary Sage, Bloomsdale Spinach, Lemon Balm, Cilantro, Visnaga, Siberian Kale, Rue, Cress, Bronze Fennel, Dragon Carrot, Goldenrod, & Chrysanthemum.


Twisp Farms Photo


Twisp, Washington

Twisp River Seed is a 1 acre farm which has been producing vegetable, herb, and flower seed since 2013. Located 3 miles up Twisp River from the tiny town of Twisp, WA, all seed produced is sold wholesale to seed retailers around the region and the country. They specialize in seed crops that thrive in the semi-arid inland Northwest, but like to experiment and maintain a diverse cropping system and also maintain a few plant breeding projects on the side.

This year she grew a wide variety of crops for seed: Bee Balm, Yellowstone & Scarlet Nantes Carrots, Fava Beans, Butterfly Milkweed, California Mix & Hungarian Blue Poppies, Misato Rose Radish, Culinary Sage, Soybean, & Costata Romanesco Zucchini.


Kelly Kingsland & Russell Poe, AFFINITY FARMS

Moscow, Idaho

Established in 2002 on the northern edge of Moscow, Kelly and Russells farm is Certified Naturally Green (CNG) since 2007 and they adhere to organic farming practices.  They operate a CSA, sell veggies at the Moscow Farmers Market, as well supplying local restaurants and the Moscow Food Coop; and are excited about the new endeavor of growing seeds for Snake River Seeds!

This year they grew for seed: Black Cherry, Moscow, Latah, Snow White Cherry, Sungold TOMATOES; Black Beauty, Cocozelle, Costata Romanesca, & Dark Star ZUCCHINIS; and Yellow Crookneck SQUASH.

Find them on the web here:  https://certified.naturallygrown.org/producers/1417


Salt Lake CIty, Utah

The Green Team Farm is a 1.5 acre urban farm serving to simultaneously revitalize a blighted block of the city while serving as a job training and rehabilitation program for 8 women currently facing homelessness. The farm also serves as a demonstration site for forward thinking approaches to human powered agriculture, permaculture, and renewable energy systems.


Marty Camberlango & Katie Painter, CITY GARDENS

Garden City, Idaho

Danny, Lexy, and Finola Bee O’Malley and James and Leslee Reed, ONSEN FARM

Buhl, Idaho

Onsen, which means “healing hot springs” in Japanese has the good fortune to have a unique resource of 130 degree geothermal artesian water which enables them to grow produce all winter in 5 high tunnel greenhouses. They have a winter CSA, sell online through Idaho’s Bounty, and supply a number of restaurants and boutique grocers, bsides growing seeds for SRSC. They grow both organically in the soil and with aquaponics.  Onsen Farm‘s mission/vision is to create a model of a permaculture based way of living using sustainable and ethical practices in raising healthy food for vibrant people. This year, Onsen grew Waltham Butternut Squash, Cocozelle Zucchini, and Nasturtium seeds for us!

John Caccia

Ketchum, Idaho

We have the distinct pleasure of working with John “JC” Caccia in a number of ways. He grows a couple of seed crops for the Co-op, including the rare Smooth German Kale, which is an annual kale, superb for seed saving in places where it’s difficult to get kale to overwinter (It is normally a biennial and must go through a winter to set seed). However, John’s work in the seed movement extends far beyond his seed gardening, where he specializes in garlic adapted to the Wood River Valley. John also coordinates the Wood River Seed Library in Ketchum, and works with the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance, which is our seedy bioregional umbrella organization. Those guys do such great work all over the mountain West networking, educating, and connecting seed stewards (including us!), and John has worked with them since their inception. I’ll also throw it out there that in addition to being an incredible human, John is also a talented silversmith, and his Mountain Angels jewelry includes some beautiful seed beads!

Kristie Applehans

Idaho Falls, Idaho



Boise, Idaho

Flowers with Rye grows cut flowers and flowers for seed in Boise, Idaho. One of the main values of the farm is sustainability, which is often disregarded in the flower seed industry. Reiley Ney, the woman behind the farm, believes that local flowers and local seeds are just as important as local food. Her favorite part about growing flowers for seed is watching the flowers develop through the multiple phases of their life cycle.










Boise, Idaho

Fiddler’s Green Farm is a small, diverse, Certified Organic farm located in the Dry Creek Valley just outside of Boise, Idaho. We grow a wide array of vegetables and cut flowers for local markets. We believe in building community through people’s connection with food. You can find our products at The Boise Farmers Market, the Boise Co-op, and several Boise restaurants.












Paradise, Utah

Joseph Lofthouse farms in Paradise, Utah  and along with beekeeping and growing produce for the farmers market, he is also a seedsman of the highest caliber. He is gracious enough to grow several pure varieties for the Snake River Seed Co-op, but more importantly, he’s keeping it interesting through his own LOFTHOUSE LANDRACE SEEDS project. If you ever need the straight skinny on the most important thing we as seed savers can be doing for the future of agriculture, it’s good to spend a little time with someone like Joseph. While in so much of the seed world the focus is on “maintaining uniformity and varietal purity,” Joseph takes the opposite approach, allowing varieties to cross wildly in his field to create robust and diverse land races that provide greater resilience, variety, and delight than a standard, uniform variety. 












Kelsey Jae Nunez

Boise, Idaho

Kelsey grows a self-seeding meadow of Blue Flax in her front yard. She saves the seed and sells it to Snake River Seed Coop so she can help build our local seed shed. She is also our go-to lawyer! She specializes in social enterprise, cooperative culture, and the sharing economy. Check out her website for more information about her legal services.










Wayne Marshall, BANBURY FARMS

Buhl, Idaho

Wayne is a third generation Idaho farmer. He started Banbury farm in 1980, located in the Snake River Canyon near Buhl. It’s unique in the fact that it has ample gravity pressure pure spring water, deep fertile soil deposited from the Bonneville flood 14,000 years ago and a warm micro climate. He runs the farm mostly solo but get part time help from a neighbor. He primarily grows alfalfa hay and about six acres of pinto beans a year as well as oats, wheat and corn. He offers all the corn varieties he stewards on seedwise.com but is gracious enough to work with us to offer several of them, including Glass Gem, Magic Manna, and Papa’s Blue through the Snake River Seed Co-op.



Nampa, Idaho

The College of Western Native Plant Display is a living exhibition that showcases many plants of the Intermountain West and Rocky Mountains. The primary purpose of the display is to educate the public about the remarkable plants that have adapted to the unique climate conditions of this region. The display further serves as a demonstration of how native plants can be used to create attractive, low-maintenance and water-wise landscaping that enhances natural biodiversity. The garden is home to events that include the CWI Native plant sale (mid-April), Native plant and seed cleaning workshops (Fall) and routine service learning events.

Thumbs, who was born with an extra segment in his thumbs, says this sign means Peace but also, Be Yourself!


Pollock, Idaho

Thumbs’ bio: Peaceful Purple Produce People is an unofficial nonprofit disorganization.

Casey’s addition to Thumbs’ bio: Thumbs Heath has been stewarding and breeding seeds in and around the Gospel Hump Wilderness in central Idaho for over 30 years. He was a phD candidate in plant breeding at UC Davis when he made the decision to step away from the often money-driven modern plant breeding apparatus and instead focus his breeding efforts for the public good. He specializes in garlic, amaranth, and heritage grains, as well as in purple crop varieties. He hypothesizes that the purple color in plants makes them more drought-tolerant, heat-tolerant, and cold-tolerant, and he has painstakingly collected and selected dozens of purple cultivars of crops ranging from kale to corn to carrots, and so many others. Thumbs is one of Idaho’s living treasures–his seed work is unparalleled and while he doesn’t go in for modern conveniences like phones, computers, or money, we’re glad to help him bridge that gap. We are humbled and honored to be able to partner with him to bring hundreds of his seed varieties, selected for small-scale subsistence level agriculture, to the community on his behalf.



Orofino, Idaho

Angus has been gardening one way or another most of his life and is now living on a five acre forest with a large garden and orchard that produces most of his fresh food needs. He has an interest in native food crops as well as perennial crops and year-round harvest. http://www.village4health.org/bluebird-forest-garden/


James Duxbury, B&B Farms

Kuna, Idaho

Implementing natural process farming methods which includes berries, roots ,veggies and wine grapes on over 5 acres in Kuna, Idaho.







Boise, Idaho

The Mission of the Idaho Botanical Garden is to provide a full garden experience for all ages that enhances community quality of life through plant collections, our education programs, and our entertainment, cultural and community events.

The Idaho Botanical Garden, one of the first and oldest botanical gardens in Idaho, is a lush 15-acre tapestry of dappled shade and vibrant splashes of color. Nestled in the Boise Foothills, it is a sanctuary in the heart of the Old Penitentiary Historic District. The Garden promotes horticulture in the Treasure Valley using native and domestic plants adapted to the intermountain region. Today the Idaho Botanical Garden has blossomed into fourteen specialty gardens, each with a unique focus; including a Vegetable Garden where we happily grow seeds for Snake River Seed Coop to improve our local seed shed!









Henry Allsworth

I am Brennan Henry. Vegetables, regional food, fermented items (CHEESE!), animals, soils, community, anarchy, accordion, and radio are among the things I love and definitely, especially growing seeds for such a lovely, forward-thinking, important project like the SRSC.


Weiser, Idaho

We are a small family farm growing on 2 ½ acres of historic property in downtown Weiser.

Kandis Romans, RED WAGON FARMS

Homedale, Idaho

We are a family-run organic farm located about an hour from Boise near Idaho’s Snake River Valley wine region. We grow a wide variety of market vegetables, flowers, and berries on 2.5 acres. We especially love to grow heirloom varieties! We would love to hear from you on Instagram or Facebook! Find us at the Boise Farmers Market beginning in June, and visitors are always welcome to see our farm. Just message us!

Colby Moe

Boise, Idaho

I’m a hobby grower. Enjoy contributing how I’m able. I support, and acknowledge the importance of having a network and source for bio regionally produced seeds. Respect, admire, and am thankful for all the work that S.R.S.C. puts forth to provide us with such a valuable resource.


Dana Rassmussen, FELLOWSHIP FARM

Paul, Idaho

Dana grows large quantities of organic certified beans and peas on his farm in Paul, Idaho.



Big Timber, Montana

Dave is the breeder of Painted Mountain Corn, which he bred by selecting and breeding from dozens of strains of flour corns for over 40 years in the mountains of Montana. It is the earliest maturing flour corn in North America. We’re honored to share this variety straight from the source!








Sherry and David Sheppard, FREEZONE FARM

Nine Mile Falls, Washington











Boise, Idaho