Thumbs Heath Collection

Thumbs Heath has been stewarding and breeding seeds in and around the Gospel Hump Wilderness in central Idaho for over 30 years. He was a phD candidate in plant breeding at UC Davis when he made the decision to step away from the often money-driven modern plant breeding apparatus and instead focus his breeding efforts for the public good. He specializes in garlic, amaranth, and heritage grains, as well as in purple crop varieties. He hypothesizes that the purple color in plants makes them more drought-tolerant, heat-tolerant, and cold-tolerant, and he has painstakingly collected and selected dozens of purple cultivars of crops ranging from kale to corn to carrots, and so many others. Thumbs is one of Idaho’s living treasures–his seed work is unparalleled and while he doesn’t go in for modern conveniences like phones, computers, or money, we’re glad to help him bridge that gap.

We are humbled and honored to be able to partner with him to bring hundreds of his seed varieties, selected for small-scale subsistence level agriculture, to the community on his behalf.

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