Corn, Advent Gulch Blue


High-altitude adapted landrace blue corn bred in Advent Gulch, in Western Idaho near Hell’s Canyon. Extremely vigorous in cold soil.



Zea mays

The life’s work of Idahoan Mike O’Brien, who has bred this corn in Advent Gulch (near Cambridge, Idaho) at 3,500′ elevation for over 30 years. He started with a Black Aztec corn from Nichols seeds and selected for several years to improve the variety. When he reached a plateau, he crossed in a multi-color Indian corn and then spent several years picking out everything that wasn’t blue, improving the variety for another 10 years before his improvements plateaued again. He then crossed in a Hopi and Cherokee Blue corn and improved the variety for another 15 years. At this point, his corn thrives in cold soils and has adapted to much of southern Idaho. It is a mix of flour, flint, and dent corns and is wonderful for polenta as well as “corn nuts” (parched corn). He also makes a hell of a good cornbread with it! Mike reminds growers to pull back the husks while the cobs dry down or they will mold.

Grown by Morning Owl Farms in Boise, Idaho.

About 70 seeds.

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1 packet, 1/4 pound, 1 pound, 5 pounds


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