Coracana / Finger Millet


Drought-tolerant Ethiopian grain used for cakes, breads, and beer!


Eleusine coracana

This plant wowed all who visited our 2015 ancient grain trials. Leaves reach about 28″ tall with large, unique seed heads that spread out like the fingers of a hand from a central point. Native to Ethiopia, it has been a staple crop in parts of Africa and India. It can thrive with little water and at high elevations. Seeds are ground and used for porridge, cakes, and puddings, and also combined with Teff and fermented to make injera. In Nepal and Africa it is fermented and made into beer. Our seed originally came from seedsman Wayne Carlson, who has done great work turning the Treasure Valley into the largest producer of teff outside Ethopia. He shared the coracana with the hope that we would develop an appreciation for another grain he deems worthy of exploration in the hot, dry Intermountain West.

Seed grown by Earthly Delights Farm in Boise, Idaho.

About 500 seeds.


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