Indian Pearl Millet


Vigorous, fast-growing, drought-tolerant grain was a showstopper in our 2015 ancient grain trials.


Pennisetum glaucum

One of our favorite varieties in our 2015 ancient grain trials, this sturdy, drought-tolerant plant grows to 6′ tall, with corn-like stalks and cattail-like heads, producing beautiful blue-grey seeds which are high in protein as well as potassium and B vitamins. Pearl millet is a fast grower that can take advantage of short periods of good growing weather when corn or wheat fail. It is very drought-tolerant and easy to grow and harvest. Stalks can be fed to livestock, while seeds can be ground into porridge or flat breads. Pearl millet was domesticated in India 3000-5000 years ago.

Seed grown by Earthly Delights Farm in Boise, Idaho.

About 200 seeds.


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