Tomato, Orange is the New Black Krim


This complex, delicious salad tomato will break you out of tasteless, pasty tomato prison!

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Solanum lycopersicum

We couldn’t help anointing this work-in-progress with the apropos name suggested by farm friend Katie Battazzo. The seeds originally came from CSA member Carol Cole, who bought the plant from a local nursery as a Black Krim. But when the fruits ripened, they were smaller (2″) with orange splotches on an otherwise Black Krim-style fruit. The flavor proved to be the best of all worlds–the complex, superb flavor of the Krim with the sweet, citrusy flavor of a good orange salad tomato. Still in its 3rd generation, it seems to breed true but, like Crazy Eyes Suzanne, prepare for some surprises, Dandelion!

About 30 seeds.


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