Delicious cold-hardy perennial root veggie that deserves a renaissance!


Sium sisarium

Known as Crummock in Scotland, this Tudor vegetable has all but disappeared from modern kitchens, which is a real travesty considering its sweet flavor and supreme cold-hardiness. The slender white roots grow in clumps from the crown of the plant and can be dug any time, including, like their parsnip cousins, in the middle of a cold winter, provided you can get a shovel in the ground. They are delicious scrubbed and eaten raw or lightly cooked in butter, lending a pleasant sweetness to salads. The foliage and flowers resemble cow parsnip and are very attracgtive to beneficial insects, including lacewings. Perennial hardy to zone 3/4.

Seed grown by Earthly Delights Farm in Boise, Idaho.

About 150 seeds.


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