Thumbs Heath – Cherokee Purple Tomato



Notes from Seed Savers Exchange:

“Indet., regular leaf plant with dark purple beefsteak fruit. 6-16 oz, outstanding producer in summer 2004. Excellent taste, no core. Clear skin and some green shoulders that do not affect texture or taste. One of the first larger tomatoes to ripen in my garden in 2009. My favorite black tomato! Cherokee Purple was sent to Craig LeHoullier by John D. Green of Sevierville, TN, in 1990 as an unnamed variety. Mr. Green got the variety from a woman who, in turn, received them from her neighbor. The neighbor claimed that they have been in their family for 100 years, originally receiving them from Cherokee Indians. Craig named the variety and listed it in the SSE yearbook the year after he first grew them (1990).”

Snake River Seed Cooperative is working with Thumbs Heath to further disperse his seeds among gardeners across Idaho and beyond. According to our in-house test, this variety has a germination percentage of 72%. 30 seeds. OP.