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Bean, Red Noodle

Bean, Red Noodle

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Vigna unguiculata sesquipedalis

Growing these 18″ long noodle beans is a riotously good time!

Delicious, uniquely flavored beans add authenticity to Asian stirfries and curries. A staple in Thai curries, they're also delicious lightly steamed on their own. The real show, though, is in the field, where the long red beans star in their own circus, unfurling to impossible lengths. Pole Beans. Open-Pollinated.

Seeds grown by Green Phoenix Farm in Salt Lake City, Utah.

40 seeds.

Directions: Direct seed after danger of frost has passed.  Provide a trellis and pick beans often to keep them producing.

Planting Depth

Seed Spacing

Days to Germination

Days to Maturity