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Magic Lettuce Screen

  • $50.00


The seed screen that works like a dream to clean lettuce seed! 

Watch in wonder as the thin little lettuce seeds slip effortlessly through the slots into your waiting bucket below while the vast majority of the chaff remains atop the screen! 

We've noticed that seed stewards in other areas prefer different-sized screens for cleaning lettuce, which prompts us to think that lettuce seed grows to different sizes and thicknesses depending on the region you're saving seed in. This one is our favorite for Intermountain West-grown lettuce seeds!

Our seed screens are hand-crafted by SRSC grower Brennan Henry Allsworth of Winnower Farm in Dry Creek Valley, Idaho. They are sturdy and functional, they feel good in your hands, they're finished with linseed oil, and hand-stenciled. By purchasing our seed screens, you support the resurgence of small-scale farmers and craftspeople who make your goods with love. 

Screen size: 12"x12". Mesh: 6x20 (strands per inch)

Seed cleaning tips: Sprinkle your lettuce seed in small, thin batches evenly over the screen, rather than dumping it on in a big pile. Once you have a thin batch sprinkled on, hold the screen still and gently scratch the mesh of the screen with your fingernail, creating a slight vibration that will tip the lettuce seeds smoothly through the mesh while leaving the chaff on top. More aggressive movements like shaking or tapping the screen will result in more chaff slipping through the slots.

A seed saving zine is included with your order.

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