Wildflower Seed Ball Kit

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Drop Seeds Not Bombs!

Do you have a space that needs some flower love?! Or would you love to be able to send some flower power into hard to reach places?! Well, this wildflower seed ball kit is for you! Our Seed Ball Kit is also a wonderful DIY activity for kids.
This kit comes with everything you need to make your very own seed balls - clay, worm castings & 0.75 oz of locally grown wildflower seeds, you just have to add water! Specific instructions are included within the kit.

The Wildflower Seed Mix includes:
- Wild West Sunflower
- Rocky Mountain Bee Plant
- Blanketflower
- Larkspur
- Yarrow

Disclaimer: Larskpur is known to be toxic to dogs, cats and horses. Click here for more information.

Directions: For best results, spread seed balls in the fall, winter, and spring. Alternatively, refrigerate seed balls for 6-8 weeks before spreading in late spring.