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Clover, Purple Prairie

Clover, Purple Prairie

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Dalea purpurea

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Zones: 3-8

Purple Prairie Clover can be found anywhere from British Columbia to eastward through Manitoba and south to western Alabama and west to Arizona. It is known for its drought tolerance and adoration from almost every kind of pollinator. This flower blooms from July to September, benefiting birds, bees and other insects throughout its season. It will easily adapt itself to a variety of soil types but does not do well in wetter locations. It is capable of blooming in both full or partial sun.


Purple Prairie Clover has long been regarded as an important legume to tribes on the Great Plains and has been useful as both food and medicine. The Ponca tribe of Nebraska has chewed on the roots for flavor as well as utilized the leaves for tea. The Pawnee Nation has made use of the stems for brooms.

We are open and interested in feedback from anyone who has more information on the ancestral connections to this plant. We acknowledge the impact colonization has had and are seeking guidance about how we can best be of use in supporting Indigenous-led efforts to restore these ancestral foodways. To contact us with comments or questions, please email Reiley at

Seed harvested and cleaned by Maija Baehr at the Idaho Botanical Garden.

75 seeds.

Directions: Direct sow in early spring. Keep soil moist until germination. Thin or transplant seedlings to 15-18" apart.

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