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Currant, Golden

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Ribes aureum

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Highly ornamental, attractive shrub that also makes yummy fruits! 

Golden currants are ubiquitous throughout the Intermountain West. They’re one of the earliest plants to bloom in the spring, their edible, clove-scented yellow flowers signaling the coming of warmer weather. Their juicy, sweet-tart berries ripen from golden to black when mature and can be sweetened into jams and pies. In the fall, their leaves put on a stunning display as they turn from green to bright red before falling to the ground to feed the soil-dwelling organisms in the winter. Grows 4-8 feet tall and wide, but can easily be pruned to be tidier in smaller landscapes. Good for stabilizing soil near degraded waterways, and provides excellent spring and summer forage for big game animals. 

Golden currant is an ancestral food of Nimiipuu (Nez Perce), Newa (Shoshone), and Paiute people. We acknowledge the impact colonization has had on the ancestral foodways and medicines of this area, and are seeking guidance about how we can best be of use in supporting Indigenous-led efforts to restore these ancestral foodways. 

Seeds were sustainably wildcrafted in the Great Basin by Kyle and friends at Native-Seed Company.

125 seeds

Directions: Scatter seeds in fall for best results, as seeds require cold stratification to germinate. Add mulch to keep the soil moist. Or, store seeds in wet sand in fridge for 8-12 weeks prior to starting indoors or direct seeding.

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For more information about how to grow Golden Currants, please refer to the USDA plant guide.

"golden currant, Ribes aureum var. aureum" by Jim Morefield is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0