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Details Win a Seed Collection

We are asking for your help in naming the Supplemental Food Garden seed collection. We feel is is an important one to offer and we’re glad to be able to do so! 


 Win a Seed Collection - New Name

This is a 2-round process. 

Round 1:

Provide a better name for this garden collection than we currently have in the comments below.


Do this on or before December 13th! 


Names we’ve entertained include: 

The Supplemental Food Garden Collection

It’s Good to Have a Plan Seed Collection

The Whole Garden Seed Collection


You can simply provide rewording on one of these options, or provide a completely new seed collection name! 


Provide your suggested name in the comments in the post. 


**To participate in this please look for the post on our Facebook or Instagram pages**


Share the post you add your suggested name to for reactions!


We will make selections based on the most popular options listed in the comments, based on the number and type of reactions in this order:





Thumbs down responses will be weighed carefully and may influence the way we interpret the results. 


We won’t consider other reaction emoji’s as constructive.


We reserve the right to delete comments that are negative, or offensive to anyone in this dialog, or affected by it.


Constructive feedback is welcome. Essentially, if you just plain don’t like the concept in any way, please offer other suggestions based on the fact that: seeds and gardening offers us an abundance of potential for food, solace, joy, and health!


Round 2:

We will review all responses and select the top 3 for a final vote by You All! The collective winner will be able to select a 6 or 8-packet Collection of their choice in a gift tin!


The majority of our seed collections are 6-packets.
The Holiday Collection and Tomato Grab Bags are 8-packets.
The Pickling Collection has 7 packets.