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Set of 5 seed cleaning screens, different sizes
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5 Seed Screen Set For Cleaning

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Ready to take your seed saving to the next level? This hand-crafted set will start you out right, allowing you to screen seeds from small to large and everything in between. 

Set includes 5 12"x12" wood-framed screens: 

20x20 (strands per inch)



1/8" square

1/4" square

Our seed screens are hand-crafted by seed saver Brennan Henry Allsworth. They are sturdy and functional, they feel good in your hands, they're finished with linseed oil, and hand-stenciled. By purchasing our seed screens, you support the resurgence of small-scale farmers and craftspeople who make your goods with love. 

Seed cleaning tips: Start with the biggest screen to screen out larger chaff and work down to the smaller screens, until your seeds will no longer fit through the holes. Smaller screens can be used to remove smaller chaff from seeds while they remain on top. When you are reaching final cleaning stages for your seeds, be more gentle. Put less seed on the screen at a time, and tap as gently as possible, to prevent lots of chaff from falling through along with your seeds. Screen cleaning works best when alternated with fan winnowing for many varieties. 

A seed saving zine is included with your order.

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