Green Bean Taco Seed Collection

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One of our favorite summer staples on the Earthly Delights farm in Boise, Idaho!

We love green beans, we love tacos and most of all we love green bean tacos! We advocate that everyone and anyone shall reap their very own green bean taco! Earthly Delights farmer and Snake River Seeds founder Casey O'Leary enjoys these delicacies weekly throughout the summer.

This collection includes:

  • Magic Bean Mix - 40 seeds
  • Newburg Onion - 150 seeds
  • Tomatillo - 200 seeds
  • Purple Cayenne Pepper - 30 seeds
  • Thai Grape Tomato - 30 seeds
  • Cilantro - 125 seeds

For this recipe you'll need:

- Green Beans (add a summer squash (cut like a green bean) and/or tomatillos if you don't have enough for the number of folks you want to feed!)
- Onion and garlic
- Oil (olive or vegetable)
- Cumin
- Serrano Pepper (optional)
- Small corn tortillas
- Any garnishes you want (cherry tomato, cheese, salsa, yogurt, sour cream, etc.)

  1. Boil or steam the green beans in water (steaming is nice because it keeps more of the flavor and nutrients in the beans, but boiling will work fine if you don’t have or can’t make a steamer basket). They need to get tender, which will take about 5-10 minutes.
    Note: Snake River Seeds office assistant Cassie likes to skip this first step. After sauteeing the onions and garlic, add the raw green beans to the pan for a few minutes. It cooks the beans slightly while keeping them nice and crisp.
  2. While the beans are cooking, sauté some chopped onion and garlic (and jalapeno, if you’re using it) in a skillet, adding LOTS OF cumin at the end, just before adding the cooked beans
  3. Add the cooked beans (that may be self-explanatory here), salt them freely, and let the whole shebang cook together for several minutes, until the green beans are good and coated in the cumin-ey sauce.
  4. While they’re cooking together, heat up your tortillas in a pan with a little bit of oil or butter until they’re soft and not dry.
  5. Stuff the green beans in the shells, add your extra fixins, and enjoy! We usually plan on about 3 tacos per person eating.