Snake River Seed Cooperative seeds are all:

Grown with love by Intermountain West farmers, meaning you support our bioregion’s alternative agriculture economy!

Locally Adapted to high desert soils and climate, meaning they’ll be right at home in your Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Nevada, eastern Oregon or Washington, or northern Arizona and New Mexico gardens!

High Mountain Gardeners seed selection of short-season tomatoes, native flowers, and low-input adapted cold-weather crops!

Unique, local, and heirloom varieties, meaning they have an awesome, tangible story!

Organically grown (though not certified organic), meaning they’ll grow well in your low-input garden!

Non-GMO, meaning you can plant without fear!

Open-pollinated, meaning you can save seeds off them!

Open-source, meaning we share and share alike–no hoarding here!

Thank you for choosing LOCAL SEEDS!!

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