Growing a ROBUST REGIONAL SEEDSHED in the Intermountain West!

Announcing our 2017 ONLINE SEED CATALOG!

The annual ritual of cozying up with your favorite seed catalog, a warming fire, and a cup of tea is every gardeners winter dream.

As a small company based in Boise, Idaho, the debut of our 2017 seed season is the culmination of months of hard work by many hands:  growing, harvesting, drying, hand-cleaning, winnowing, germination testing, description & planting guidance for each new seed, & dozens of seed packing parties to get those seeds into our garden seed packets.

Our seeds are born and raised in and around Idaho by 17 local farmers from Moscow to Idaho Falls and everywhere in between – who this year stewarded 258 varieties of seeds, an increase of 25 new varieties from last year!

We’ve made the strategic decision as a small company NOT to print a traditional paper catalog and instead put our resources into an ONLINE SEED CATALOG to keep our overhead costs controlled & our farmers paid decently for their work.

Especially notable this year:

Grab your cup of tea (or coffee) and settle into our 2017 seed offerings here:  SRSC’s 2017 Online Seed Catalog

Our seeds are all:

Grown with love by Intermountain West farmers, in Idaho with a few nearby neighbors, meaning you support our bioregion’s alternative agriculture economy!

Locally Adapted to high desert soils and climate, meaning they’ll be right at home in your Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Nevada, eastern Oregon or Washington, or northern Arizona and New Mexico gardens!

High Mountain Gardeners seed selection of short-season tomatoes, native flowers, and low-input adapted cold-weather crops!

Unique, local, and heirloom varieties, meaning they have an awesome, tangible story!

Organically grown (though not certified organic), meaning they’ll grow well in your low-input garden!

Non-GMO, meaning you can plant without fear!

Open-pollinated, meaning you can save seeds off them!

Open-source, meaning we share and share alike–no hoarding here!

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