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🌱📸 See-it-Sprout Photo Contest! 📸🌱

We know how much we love watching the very first sprouts break through the soil surface every spring, but we really want to see your take on it. Show us your seeds sprouting now through Earth Day, April 22nd 🌱

This is a challenge that will take place via our Instagram and Facebook channels.  Make sure you’re following us so you don’t miss out!  There is no limit to the number of seed types you enter into this contest!

Take a photo series, one photo every day, as soon as you see the little buddy starting to peek out of the soil.  Select the best 5 that communicate the sprouting of the seed, share them with everyone, and tag us! 

Are you a video creator? You're in luck, we have a special prize for the best video!

🥇 First Prize winners of the photo series contest will get their pick of 2 Seed Collections from a select list of collections presented upon notification, April 23rd, 2024.

🥈 Second prize winners will get 1 Seed Collection.

🌟📹 📱Best Time-Lapse Video: A special prize of 3 Seed Collections will be awarded to the best time-lapse video of seeds sprouting. There will be a winner for the most loved or liked video posted to each our social channels— Instagram and Facebook

See an example of time lapse video here.

Prize-winners will be determined by the people, demonstrated by the highest number of likes or loves for each post, per social channel. We will be sure to highlight the popular contenders as well as the winners.

TAG us in your permanent post in order to cultivate the reciprocal JOY. We also LOVE stories, so be sure to tag us in those too!

Now, Grab your favorite packet of SRSC Seeds!

If you already have some, then  you’ve got a head start!

Good seeds to try: Lettuces, mustards, collard greens, or radishes.
These seeds are quick to sprout! 

Need some more ideas? Check out this special collection of seeds that will sprout between now and Earth Day!


  • Make sure your photo includes the SRSC seed packet your seed came from. 
  • Let us know if you are using our planting guide, website, seed packet, or your own keen instinct for timing and instructions! Include your planting date,  planting method, and focus your camera on the seeds as they sprout.
    • You can follow our handy seed starting guide here
    • TAG us in your permanent social media posts in order to cultivate the reciprocal JOY. We LOVE stories, so be sure to tag us in those too!
  • Contest starts March 8th and runs through Earth Day.
  • Posts will be reviewed April 22nd for a final count of reactions.

    Winners will be directly messaged on April 23rd to be notified and orders arranged, and provided a select list of seed collections to choose from.

Let the Seedy Games Begin!!


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