Community Seeds in Action!

Each year, Snake River Seed Cooperative donates thousands of seed packets to community organizations involved in education, farming, gardening, nutrition, food, and seed saving. Our seed donations have gone to community and non-profit gardens, school teaching gardens, seed libraries, non-profit fundraisers and auctions, and community incentive programs.

Our hope is that through these donations, we can support the lives of those in need and share the joy and history that our seeds hold. 

Below are two of our "Perennial Partners" that are doing great work in the community with the help of Snake River Seed Cooperative's donations. 

Meridian Co-op Gardeners

Juli Charleton Bokencamp runs a tight ship. You can tell by the state of the garden, even in 100+ degree weather, weeks in a row. Gardeners here benefit from a feeling of belonging, and from that, I believe they get a sense of how important they are to making sure a garden survives in all the ups and downs. This in ADDITION to bringing some of these sumptuous veggies home. Donations are also grown specifically for the Idaho Food Bank to share with area community members in need of good food. Click here for more information.

From Juli this year:

Thank you for your very generous donation of seeds that can be used in our community garden. This donation allows us to try new varieties and helps our very small budget in many ways. We appreciate having these 100% non gmo, open-pollinated and untreated seeds that are grown in and around this area.
The garden definitely made a difference in the lives of our gardeners during these tentative times with the shutdown and complications of the pandemic. This garden not only provided food to the 32 families who are members, but we provided more than 4 tons of fresh organically grown food to three different food banks. As always, we couldn’t do any of this without help from the people in our community. Together we are changing lives!"

Meridian Co-op Gardens


A Project Good Garden, Operation Salsa

This gardening project began in the summer of 2020 as a partnership between the One Stone High School and the Treasure Valley Community Garden Collective (TVCGCoop), with permission to use land at St. Stephens Episcopal Church. The garden started as a Project Good community-involved experiential learning opportunity for a cohort of about 20 kids. They quickly named it Operation Salsa. Students are really enjoying this part of their school week, and look forward to “Garden Day!” It’s an opportunity to be outside and working on something that can help them learn how to grow their own food, among many other things. “We put a lot of work into keeping the garden happy and healthy!”

One Stone is a student-led, independent, and tuition-free school open to all students in the Boise area. TVCGCoop is a network of about 40 community gardens throughout the valley and growing. Click here for more information. 



Community Seeds Requests are all wrapped up for the season! 

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