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Garden Mapping Strategies

On the off-chance your gardens aren’t totally planned out yet ;), Mary K has put this set of garden maps together for you! You’ll find options here for different available growing spaces. 

Small Space Gardening

For small space gardening containers are the answer!

Provided you have enough light you can potentially grow plants such as cherry tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, some carrots (with a foot depth), and small herbs like basil and chives. With some innovation you may even be able to grow squash.  
Download the Container Garden Map, a Printable PDF


Yard Garden MapperIf you’ve got yard space to garden in, you have got a wonderful opportunity!

Even shady spaces offer opportunities, and hey, there’s always cooperative yard gardening.

Download the Yard Garden Mapper, a Printable PDF

You can use Google Maps in Satellite Mode to provide an overhead view of your space with an approximate measurement for footage. 

If you have a large tree blocking your ground view, try and map the general distance around it, then measure actual distances on the ground using a tape measure.

Track direction, sun exposure, access to water. Sketch rows, beds, hügel rows, fence use (for peas etc), trellises. Consider daily-consumed foods like greens. Will they be close to your home? Consider foods that will store well in the fall. Cabbages take a long time to grow, but keep well in the fridge for weeks, and make wonderful ferments! Squash is abundant, winter squash keeps for months. Potatoes and carrots in the ground are as good as dollars in the bank.

Community Garden Mapper SRSC

Need space to garden and want to hang out with some cool people?

Look for a community garden in your neighborhood. If there isn't one, heck, maybe you could start one! Nothing like a map to help you get to the next phase of your master plans.... Put simply, gardens are good, solace and sanctuary providing spaces. 

Community Garden Mapper, Printable PDF

Mary K has been a Commissioner with the Cooperative Gardens Commission (CGC) since April of 2020. CGC is a grassroots collective working toward food security in response to the COVID19 pandemic and persistent injustice. In 2020 we distributed the best free seed we could source to 247 Seed Hubs around the nation, and again to 305 in 2021. The Ujamaa Cooperative Farming Alliance was in formation at that time, an organization that has roots in CGC. They distributed to another 100+ Hubs. These maps are a continuation of our shared goals to help people grow food and nutrition security.

In May of 2020 Mary K and Ben Trieu partnered to form the Treasure Valley Community Gardens Cooperative, with a similar set of goals on the local level. We are networked with over 40 area community gardens. Feel free to visit any of the above links to find ways to connect and grow together!