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Nonprofits and Agents of Change: Advancing Food Security, Fostering Pollinator Habitat, and Cultivating Experiential Learning Outdoors

At Snake River Seed Cooperative, we are dedicated to fostering community resilience and promoting sustainable agricultural practices in gardening. Our Community Seeds program is at the heart of our mission, supporting projects that enhance food security. 

Community Seeds

We are proud to share that in 2024 alone, we have significantly expanded our reach, providing vital seed resources to various initiatives. We have sent seeds to 26 school gardens (six more than last year), helped to stock 48 seed libraries (3 more than last year), supported 65 community gardens (40% more than 2023), sent seeds to 47 school gardens, collaborated with 41 other impactful projects (that aim for multiple community-based-food projects), provided seeds to 23 seed swaps (doubling our impact from 2023)and made seeds available for auctions, garden clubs, and special events, all centered around community food security.

We value the significant impact of these partnerships, as they enable us to support and empower communities to grow their own food, cultivate sustainable practices, and enhance local food systems. However, we recognize that our donations are limited to the seeds available at the end of the prior year.

We want to further our commitment to supporting community-minded initiatives working to promote food security, preserve pollinator habitat, and provide enriching experiential learning outdoors, including nonprofits, tax-exempt organizations, and institutions.

We extend an invitation to order specific seeds directly from us. If you have projects requiring particular varieties, we are here to assist you.

Reach out to info @ snakeriverseeds.com with your inquiry with the Subject Line: Nonprofit Project Request, indicating your interest in making a sales tax-exempt purchase (if applicable).

In your email, please include the following details:
1. Proof of tax exemption status. If you are not a tax-exempt organization let us know. We can offer a discount on your purchase to support your work!

2. Shipping address.
3. A list of the varieties and quantities you would like to purchase.
4. Please allow for one business week to process during the summer months and 2-3 weeks from November-May. If we can we will process it sooner.

If you are uncertain about the specific seeds you need, we encourage you to explore our comprehensive collections, such as our Big Collections. These thoughtfully curated assortments provide a diverse range of open-pollinated seeds to support your gardening and community-building endeavors. All our seeds can grow plants you can save seeds from, so the gift just keeps on giving!

Furthermore, for individuals or organizations passionate about fostering the development of more gardens and programs, we offer the Pay-it-forward Heirloom collection. By purchasing this collection, you directly contribute to our efforts in creating sustainable, food-secure communities.

We are grateful for the tireless work of tax-exempt organizations in addressing food security challenges, and we are honored to collaborate with you in this vital mission. Together, let's sow the seeds of change and cultivate a future of abundance, sustainability, and community resilience.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or require further assistance. We look forward to supporting your impactful projects!

-The Snake River Seed Cooperative Crew