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  • Summer and Fall Vegetable Planting Guide

    Enjoy an abundant harvest through Fall and Winter with these cold-hardy vegetables!

    Please note: This planting information is based in the Treasure Valley, ID Zones 6b-7a

  • Frost Strategies!

    There are things you can do to protect your gardens of promise! 
    It all begins with noting the annual average last frost date in your area, and then watching the weather reports like a hawk for 2 weeks prior to and after that date. Late-season frosts can be a real heartbreaker when they take out a community of plants you are gently cultivating. If low temps are predicted try these tips!
  • Cool Season Garden Tips!

    Guest Post from Katie Batazzo of Front Yard Fresh!
    "Once I have categorized my plants and I have an idea of where I want to place them, I use the plates directly in the bed to visualize where I want everything to go. I can begin to seed in the planned spaces"