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Bountiful Bouquets Bulk Seed Mix

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Create stunning floral arrangements, fill your garden with a riot of colors, and explore dried flower crafts. Let your imagination blossom with this extraordinary mix.

This captivating blend features Celosia, Cosmos, Purple Coneflower Echinacea, Globe Thistle, Nicotiana, Red Snapdragon, Strawflower, Mini Zini Zinnias, and Broomcorn. 

With celosia's whimsical plume-like blooms and cornflower's delicate blue petals, your garden will come alive. The dreamy and romantic cosmos will enchant you, while echinacea attracts pollinators and adds vibrant color. Globe thistle brings architectural beauty, and nicotiana's fragrant blooms fill the air. Red snapdragons offer charming, snap-like flowers in a range of colors, and strawflower adds long-lasting charm to bouquets. mini zini zinnias brighten up any space, and broomcorn provides an unexpected twist with ornamental seed heads.

The Bountiful Bouquets Mix offers endless possibilities for gardeners, floral designers, and nature enthusiasts. 

We source our seeds from 50 dedicated growers in the Intermountain West, ensuring the highest quality and supporting sustainable practices. Embrace the beauty and abundance of this mix and let your creativity bloom.

Indulge in this beautiful blend with the Bountiful Bouquets Mix and enjoy a kaleidoscope of garden delights.

1 oz of seed covers an estimated 2,004 square feet
8 oz of seed covers an estimated 16,032 square feet
1 pound covers an estimated 32,064 square feet

This mix contains two varieties of nicotiana, so it is best to avoid planting near tomatoes!


Planting Depth

Seed Spacing

Days to Germination

Days to Maturity






Planting Directions

Growing Area: Choose a location that receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. Ensure the soil is well-drained and free of weeds or debris. 

Timing: It is recommended to sow the seeds in the spring after the danger of frost has passed, for optimal results. 

Soil Preparation: Prepare the soil by removing any existing vegetation. If the soil is poor, consider adding compost or organic matter to improve fertility and moisture retention.

Seeding: Plant seeds every 6-12 inches. If you wish to broadcast the seeds over an area, you may consider mixing the seed mix with a carrier such as sand to achieve even distribution. This helps prevent clumping and allows for easier spreading. 

Planting Depth: 0-1/8". Some of the seeds in this mix require light for germination. Cover them with a thin layer of fine soil or compost and gently rake the area after broadcasting seed. Avoid burying the seeds too deeply, as it may hinder their germination and growth.

Soil Coverage: This is dependent on the spacing used. We estimate the coverage area per 1 oz of seed mix is 2,004 sq ft.

Watering: After sowing the seeds, lightly water the area to ensure good soil-to-seed contact. Keep the soil consistently moist but not saturated during the germination period, which typically takes 2-4 weeks. Once the seedlings have emerged, gradually reduce watering frequency but ensure the plants receive adequate moisture throughout their growth.

Care: Remove any competing weeds by hand to prevent them from overshadowing the wildflower seedlings. Deadhead faded flowers to encourage prolonged blooming.