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Arugula, Sylvetta Grazia

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Diplotaxis tenuifolia

Also called Wild Rocket, Roquette, and Wild Arugula.

This fiery, low-growing Sylvetta cultivar brings its A-game with delicious spicy leaves that perform well in both cold and heat, cranking out pungent leaves long after its cultivated Arugula counterparts have bolted. Finely-serrated leaves are a favorite of chefs for their beauty and pizzazz on the plate. Slower-growing than arugula, but produces over a much longer season. Extremely cold-hardy and also quite tolerant of summer heatwaves.

Seeds grown by Affinity Farm in Moscow, Idaho.

400 seeds

Directions: Direct seed in early spring, ½” apart in rows 3-4” apart. Or, start indoors in spring and transplant out.

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