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Bean, Montana Rainbow Fava

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Vicia faba

Fava beans were originally grown in North Africa and have since been grown around the Mediterranean region for thousands of years.

According to William Schlegel, the parent varieties of the Montana Rainbow Fava bean come from Joseph Lofthouse, Resilient Seeds, Garden City Seeds and "a seed rack somewhere that my mom bought me a packet of Windsor from".

Some growing and harvesting tips from William Schlegel;

"I scatter the unopened pods over the bases of used sawdust and bark piles, then rototill them in. I don’t thin. Needs cool weather to fruit successfully so planting in March is very important. Wait till pods dry out then pick for dry seed."

Seeds grown and bred by William Schlegel in Ronan, MT- OSSI-Pledged

20 seeds

Directions: Direct seed outside as soon as soil can be worked in spring, or plant in late summer. Provide 18" spacing between rows.

Planting Depth

Seed Spacing

Days to Germination

Days to Maturity