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Frisee, Tres Fine Maraichere Olesh

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Cichorium endiva

A thick, frizzy, mild endive--easy on the eyes and good for the liver!

Famed organic plant breeder John Navazio believes endives are the next "kale"--as in, on the cusp of culinary celebration. A popular ingredient in commercial salad mixes, frisee is also enjoyed as a featured green, especially in French bistros. Known for its milder flavor! Open-pollinated. 65 days.

Seeds grown by Affinity Farm in Moscow, Idaho.

275 seeds.

Directions: Start indoors early spring and transplant out ASAP for fullest heads. Or, direct seed in spring. Slower bolting in cooler weather.

Planting Depth

Seed Spacing

Days to Germination

Days to Maturity