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Lemon Balm

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Melissa officinalis

Useful culinary and medicinal herb and beneficial insect attractor!

This common herb is used medicinally for liver and digestive health and enjoyed culinarily as a tea. It is delicious hot or cold, and combines well with mint and other herbs for a dynamic tea. It has a lemony, citronella-y flavor. Inconspicuous white flowers are full of nectar and attract honey bees, hence the botanical name Melissa, which is Greek for "honeybee." It is a perennial and can spread by roots as well as seeds, and can become a bit aggressive in more temperate gardens, where roots will overwinter. Can grow in sun or shade.

Seeds need light, cold stratification, and 70 degree temps to germinate. Spread seeds on soil surface in fall or early spring.

Seeds grown by Twisp River Seed in Twisp, WA.

300 seeds.

Directions: In spring, gently press seeds on top of soil. Seeds require light to germinate.

Planting Depth

Seed Spacing

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Days to Maturity

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