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The Whole Shabang! Seed Collection

  • $950.00
  • $1,200.00


Various species

You'll be in the running for Snake River Seed Co-op SUPER FAN of the year with this collection!

300 packets of locally saved seeds! All seeds are grown and saved right here in the Intermountain West, so you can rest assured that they'll grow well in your garden. Our full line of Snake River Seeds is an incredibly large and diverse collection of greens, veggies, herbs, grains, flowers, and oddballs that we've grown to love!

By purchasing the Whole Shabang! Seed Collection, you'll receive savings of over $200 compared to individual packet prices.

We know what you're thinking... What will you do with 300 packets of seeds?! We have some ideas...

  • Give your loved ones one packet per Christmas for over a decade!
  • Plant every seed into the largest local seed garden of all time!
  • Hoard them for the end-times!
  • Beautify your neighborhood with thousands of seed bombs!
  • Make seed art!

We know you love Snake River Seed Co-op, so shout it from the rooftops with this amazing deal!