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Watermelon, Sunrise

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Citrullus lanatus
A long-storing, yellow watermelon that pleases the taste buds into October!
Sunrise Watermelon is an heirloom variety with sweet orange/yellow flesh. Grow this variety and imagine the surprise of your friends and family when you serve them a yellow watermelon at the next summer barbecue! The color isn't the only thing that will delight them, for the flavor is superb!
Thanks to a thicker rind, these fruits can easily keep into the middle of October or longer if refrigerated. They love to volunteer from the compost pile the following Spring. Steve Paulson of Sunnside Vine Farm received the seed from plant breeder Glen Drowns many years ago and has continued to steward the variety in the lower Clearwater River Valley, where they can be grown with little to no irrigation.
Seeds grown by Sunnyside Vine Farm in Lenore, Idaho.
25 seeds.

Directions: Direct sow 1/2 inch deep in either in hills or rows; row-plantings need to be thinned to more than one foot between plants, hill-plantings need to be 6 feet apart in wide rows and thinned to 2-4 plants per hill. The more space the bigger the melons. Harvest tips from Steve: To harvest, wait until the closest tendril to the melon is dried.

Planting Depth

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