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Tongue Tickler!

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Spilanthes acmella

S. acmella originated in Brazil where the plant is grown year round for a myriad of uses. It is know both an ornamental as well as a medicinal plant. In the traditional use of this species, it has been used to treat toothaches, fevers, digestive issues and the list goes on! Since its start in Brazil, it has gained recognition and respect worldwide. Other names for this plant include; Jambu, Electric Daisy, Paracress, Buzz button and Jhummosak. If you have more information on this plant, we are open and seeking knowledge to better inform ourselves on its origin and uses.

Also called Toothache Plant, it’s an unbelievable sensation in the mouth. Highly medicinal & gives you a tingly clean mouth and a surge of energy. Attractive bedding plant, good companion. Amaze your friends!

Chew the flowers or leaves for an epic, crazy 3 minute mouth experience!

Seeds grown by Drunken Sailor Farm in Boise, Idaho.

Check out our GROW THIS PLANT! video about the aptly nicknamed Tongue Tickler!

150 seeds.

Directions: Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost and transplant out after. Or, direct seed after last frost.

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