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Sweet Annie

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Artemisia annua

A delight to see and smell in the garden!

Sweet Annie has finely-divided foliage that is gray-green in color and has a sweet aroma. By mid-summer, it is dotted with tiny cream-yellow colored flowers.

This is a hardy plant that tolerates cold temperatures and poor soils. It thrives in partial shade during the hottest part of the day. Care must be taken to give it plenty of space from other plants in the garden. 

The subject of much lore throughout history, this attractive, 3'x3' plant sports silvery, ferny leaves and is said to repel animals from the garden. Can self-seed so plant where you want to grow it again next year.

Seeds grown by Twisp River Seeds in Twisp, Washington.

100 seeds.

Directions: Sow 5-6 weeks before planting out. Barely cover the seed. Bottom water or mist to avoid covering the seed with displaced soil. Harden off and transplant outside after the danger of frost has passed. Direct seed - Sow after danger of frost. Cover seed lightly with soil and keep moist. Broadcast seeding is not recommended. Thin to desired spacing.

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