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Meet Our Growers

We work with over 50 small-scale, family farms to steward over 350 varieties of seeds. With each generation of planting, selecting, and saving, our seeds are becoming more adapted to our unique place on earth.

2022 SRSC Grower Map



Casey in the Zinnias

Casey O’Leary, Earthly Delights Farm

Grower Code: ED

Earthly Delights Farm is an urban farm in Boise that has specialized in vegetable and seed production and urban farm education for the past 18 years. Casey is also the co-founder of Snake River Seed Cooperative and is so proud of us for officially transitioning to a worker- and producer-owned cooperative in 2021, which allowed her to follow her passion for educating the next generation of seed stewards to the College of Western Idaho Horticulture program as a full-time faculty member! And while the farm is no longer her full-time labor of love, she is thrilled to have the opportunity to grow seeds for our community on a smaller scale through this unique and beautiful business model.  



Kelly Kingsland & Russell Poe, Affinity Farm

Grower Code: AF
Established in 2002 on the northern edge of Moscow, Idaho, Affinity Farm is proud to be Certified Organic by the State of Idaho. They currently sell veggies at the Moscow Farmers Market, local restaurants, and wholesale to the Moscow Food Coop. Each year they have increased the variety and quantity of seed crops for the Snake River Seed Coop, and love the intentional action of engaging in a vital and integral regional seedshed.
Kelly now serves on the Board of Directors for SRSC!


James Young and Guy Banner, Grand Prismatic Seed

Grower Code: GP
James Young and Guy Banner are the co-owners and farmers of Grand Prismatic Seed, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are committed to growing high quality open pollinated seeds that can withstand the stresses associated with high desert crop production. Over time they expect to release new vegetable varieties adapted to the Intermountain West. James has a passion for growing plants/seeds used for natural dyeing. He learned his seedy ways from Wild Garden Seed in Philomath, Oregon. Guy has an affinity for medicinal herbs and plants native to the Great Basin, Intermountain West, and Colorado Plateau. His background includes ethnobotany, habitat restoration, agroecology, native seed production, and ornamental gardening.


Dan Meyer

Grower Code: MO
Dan Meyer is a Boise farmer who previously co-managed Morning Owl Farm with Claire and Tim. They grew a wide variety of seed crops for Snake River Seeds and vegetables for CSA members and restaurants. Now managing the Dry Creek Ranch Neighborhood Farm, Dan has cut back on seed production but hopes to grow seed crops again in the future.


Idaho Botanical Gardens

Idaho Botanical Garden

Grower Code: IB

The Idaho Botanical Garden, founded in 1984, is a lush 15-acre tapestry of dappled shade and vibrant splashes of color. Nestled in the Boise Foothills, it is a sanctuary in the heart of the Old Penitentiary Historic District. The Garden promotes horticulture in the Treasure Valley using native and domesticated plants adapted to the Intermountain West. Idaho Botanical Garden has blossomed into fourteen specialty gardens, each with a unique focus; including a Vegetable Garden where we happily grow seeds for Snake River Seed Coop to improve our local seed shed! Our native plant gardens are also the source of a variety of seeds grown and collected for SRSC. The Mission of Idaho Botanical Garden is to provide a full garden experience for all ages that enhances community quality of life through plant collections, our education programs, and our entertainment, cultural, and community events.


Purple Sage Farms

The Sommer Family, Purple Sage Farms

Grower Code: PS

Tim Sommer and his wife, Tamara Sloviaczek, founded Purple Sage Farms in 1989 where they cultivated a family, enriched the community, and became vital and respected leaders in the organic foods industry. For over 30 years, Purple Sage Farms has specialized in growing a wide range of organic herbs, edible flowers, greens, and vegetables. Today, the Sommer family grows over 250 varieties of crops ranging from the familiar and traditional to the obscure and exotic, whether they are culinary, medicinal or both. Purple Sage Farms herbs, spices, greens, flowers, and vegetables are thoughtfully grown and proudly certified organic on their family farm in Middleton, Idaho. At Purple Sage Farms, their mission is to connect our community to the healthiest, freshest, and most flavorful food.

Purple Sage Farms is an award winning family farm, recognized for persistent and long-term advocacy for Idaho’s locally and organically grown food system. Purple Sage Farms became one of the first to be certified organic in Idaho. They are dedicated to contributing seed to Snake River Seed Cooperative because they believe that a huge part of being sustainable is being self-reliant by growing your own seed, or growing seed for your local community, which keeps genes and dollars where they can do the most good.

Photo by Arlie Sommer. 
Pictured: Tim Sommer, Tamara Sloviaczek, Mike Sommer, Jackie Sommer. 



Anaka Mines, Twisp River Seed

Grower Code: TR

Twisp River Seed is a 1 acre farm that has been producing vegetable, herb, and flower seed since 2013. Located 3 miles up Twisp River from the tiny town of Twisp, Washington, most seed produced at Twisp River Seed is sold wholesale to seed retailers around the region and the country. In addition, Twisp River Seed has launched a new collaboration with other nearby growers called the Methow Valley Seed Collective, which will offer locally adapted seed throughout eastern Washington and beyond. We specialize in seed crops that thrive in the semi-arid inland Northwest, like to experiment with a diverse cropping system, and also maintain a few plant breeding projects on the side.
Anaka has grown a wide variety of crops for SRSC: Bee Balm, Yellowstone & Scarlet Nantes Carrots, Fava Beans, California Mix & Hungarian Blue Poppies, Misato Rose Radish, Culinary Sage, Soybean, & Costata Romanesco Zucchini.



Lori Bevan, Field Goods Farm

Grower Code: FG

Lori Bevan operates a small-scale urban farm in southeast Boise: Field Goods Farm. Healthy, feel-good nourishment and soil comes from cover cropping, local compost and devotion. No synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides EVER. Along with her farmdog Poppy the chug (pug+chihuahua), they are dedicated to growing delicious, high-quality vegetables, herbs and fruit while improving the soil & environment. For seed production, she grows Peppers, Armenian Cucumbers, Dwarf Scotch Blue Curled Kale, Ruby Streaks Mustard, Cosmos, Black & Brown-Eyed Susans, Wild West Sunflowers, and a smattering of other flowers. She also introduced a rare variety of pink lady radish to our SRSC offerings. Her passion is garlic and she has introduced 2 new varieties to the allium quarantine area in Southern Idaho. Uzbek Porcelain and Bulgarian Beauty are well adapted to Idaho and have wonderful flavors.


James Loomis

James Loomis, The Green Phoenix Farm,
and The OchO

Grower Code: GT, OO
James Loomis is a full time urban farmer, educator, and regenerative agriculture enthusiast who grows for Snake River at two distinct locations.

The Green Phoenix Farm is a 1.5 acre urban farm working to simultaneously revitalize a blighted area of Salt Lake City, Utah while also providing jobs and mentorship for women currently facing homelessness. The farm is a demonstration site for urban regenerative agriculture, permaculture, and renewable energy systems. The Green Phoenix currently stewards roughly two dozen varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers for SRSC.

The OchO is an 8 acre “permaculture playground” located in the Snake River valley near Hagerman, Idaho. This seed farm is an exercise in remote management, intercropping, and wild experimentation. The OchO currently focuses on perennial flowers and a small number of vegetables.


John Caccia

John Caccia

Grower Code: JC
SRSC has the distinct pleasure of working with John “JC” Caccia in a number of ways. He grows a couple of seed crops for the Co-op, including the rare and tasty Smooth German Kale, which is an annual kale, superb for seed saving in places where it’s difficult to get kale to overwinter (It is normally a biennial and must go through a winter to set seed in it’s second growing season). Five years ago John started the Wood River Seed Library currently hosted at the Hailey Public Library, and was one of the co-founders of the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance.  RMSA is a 6 year old seed saving organization working to assure a diverse and abundant supply of locally grown seeds for the Rocky Mountain Region through education, networking and creating community-based models of seed stewardship. John is currently living on a 25 acre farm property located along the Snake River near Buhl where he works as a beekeeper, tree planter, musician and silversmith.  See his "jewelry for gardeners” at


Travis and Ali Ward, Gage Street Market Botanicals

Grower Code: GS
Travis and Ali Ward grow all manner of fruit, flowers, and vegetables with their family on their small urban farmette in Boise, Idaho.  Long-time seed savers, with a love of sharing their dense plantings, the Ward’s are happy to be growing with the SRSC.  Their home, which is also the home of Junkerdash Records, was historically a neighborhood market, called the Gage Street Market; so seed sharing and storytelling seem appropriate in all ways. More about their musical endeavors can be found at and






Reiley Ney and Nick Carney

Grower Code: FR
Reiley and Nick have a large home garden where they grow native plants, seed crops, flowers, and veggies. They are passionate about removing grass and adding more garden space every year to increase the biodiversity in their yard. Larkspurs are their favorite seed crop! They see hundreds of pollinators on their Larkspurs, including bumble bees, honey bees, yellow swallowtail butterflies, skipper moths, and hummingbird moths.


Diane Green and Thom Sadoski, Greentree Naturals

Grower Code: GN
Greentree Naturals is a diversified certified organic, small acreage vegetable farm located outside of Sandpoint, Idaho.  They showcase a number of characteristics of today's successful small farms: enterprise diversity, innovative marketing, and an interest in production improvement through applied on-farm, university based research.
Diane and her husband Thom have worked tirelessly since 1990 to steward  their 2.5 acre gardens using succession planting, greenhouse and season extension  techniques, and a comprehensive soil fertility program that includes cover cropping, green manures and crop rotation. Their farm has been certified organic since 1992.   Seed saving has been an important aspect of developing successful cold hearty crops for our northern location on the 48th Parallel.   We are pleased to provide Snake River Seed Cooperative with some of our seed harvest this year! For more information about Diane and Greentree Naturals visit our website.


Marty Camberlango & Katie Painter, City Gardens

Grower Code: CG
Marty and Katie save seeds from their 1/3 acre urban homestead in Garden City. They have focused on flower seeds including Towering Beauty Amaranth, Field Poppy, Purple Orach, Crackerjack Marigold, Pincushion Flower and Rocky Mountain Penstemon as well as an occasional veggie seed crop. Their front yard in Garden City was the inspiration for the Garden City Prairie seed mix, and gets lots of comments from the neighborhood's many pedestrians. In addition to many flowers, their landscape includes vegetables for family consumption, fruit trees and berries, bee hives, chickens, and occasionally Thanksgiving turkeys. In recent years, they have enjoyed the challenge of adding more native plants to the garden. Katie and Marty have grown seeds for the coop since it started, sometimes a little, and sometimes a lot, depending on their access to land. They both have extensive farming experience and have meandered in and out of various urban farm locations over the years. Marty owned a CSA for a number of years and continues to work to bring local produce to local restaurants, he currently enjoys life as a pizzaiolo. Katie managed an incubator farm, worked on international farmer training projects and currently writes curriculum for beginning farmer training programs. They are raising two kids who do help in the garden but plan to get their food at the grocery store when they grow up.



Joseph Lofthouse, Author

Joseph Lofthouse, Author

Grower Code: JL

Joseph Lofthouse subsistence farms in Paradise, Utah. He is a seedsman of the highest caliber. He is gracious enough to grow several varieties for the Snake River Seed Co-op, but more importantly, he’s keeping it interesting through his book. Landrace Gardening: Food Security through Biodiversity and Promiscuous Pollination. If you ever need the straight skinny on the most important thing we as seed savers can be doing for the future of agriculture, it’s good to spend a little time with someone like Joseph. While in so much of the seed world the focus is on “maintaining uniformity and varietal purity,” Joseph takes the opposite approach, allowing survival of the fittest selection within wildly crossing varieties to create robust and diverse landraces that provide greater resilience, variety, and delight than a standard, uniform variety. One of Joseph's most recent plant breeding projects is advocating for beautifully promiscuous and tasty tomatoes!


Wayne Marshall, Banbury Farm

Grower Code: BF
Wayne is a third generation Idaho farmer. He started Banbury Farm in 1980. The farm is located in the Snake River Canyon near Buhl, Idaho. It has ample gravity pressure spring water, deep fertile soil deposited by the Bonneville Flood 14,000 years ago and a warm microclimate. He primarily grows alfalfa hay with some oats, wheat and corn. He offers the corn varieties he stewards on and is gracious enough to work with us to offer several of them. They include Glass Gem, Rainbow Jewel Popcorn, Magic Manna, and Parching Starburst Manna, all offered through Snake River Seed Co-op.


Drunken Sailor Farm

Kendra Damnjanovic, Drunken Sailor Farm

Grower Code: DS

Drunken Sailor Farm evolved from owner Kendra Damnjanovic’s experiences of being a CSA member, then Intern, and finally employee of Earthly Delights Farm, working with and learning from Casey O’Leary intentionally about soil health, seed saving, plant sex, land access, and unintentionally about the value of place, community, positive work environments, and worker empowerment.
Be prepared- we take our name from our notorious “sailor’s mouths” and love of local beer and wine. You will likely experience both at some point down on the farm.
Through CSA memberships, Grow-Your-Own-CSA garden kits, and hands-on experiences, we aim to cultivate not only a relationship with the food and the earth it comes from, but also to connect people to their community and provide a deeper understanding of the interdependence of all involved.




 Kelsey Jae

Grower Code: KJ

Kelsey’s in love with her garden and started harvesting blue flax seeds for the SRSC after completing the Earthly Delights Farm Internship. Her home garden space includes a wide variety of desert & edible perennials, medicinal herbs, and annual veggies. She spends her professional time as a sustainable & collaborative economies attorney and co-owner of the apothecary, The Vervain Collective. She has years of experience building partnerships around energy, the environment, and sustainability while focusing on building community and support for local economies and purpose-driven ventures where people can enjoy meaningful livelihoods and create a more resilient economy.

Angus Hughes, Bluebird Forest Garden

Grower Code: AH
Angus is an Idaho-born mountain man who has always loved good food. He has been gardening or foraging one way or another most of his life. Angus lives in the costal disjunct rain-forest of northern Idaho where he has a small garden and orchard on his forested property. He is often found roaming the woods, finding mushrooms or berries and teaches wildcrafting as well. Angus has been involved in non-profits and cooperatives for several years and currently serves on the Snake River Seed Cooperative Board of Directors. He likes to build with natural building materials and old-fashioned techniques and plays bluegrass guitar in his spare time. Angus teaches sustainable living ways through the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms program, and is trying to form a land-based intentional community in his neighborhood. On his website, Bluebird Forest Garden Angus has described over one hundred native edible plants that he has found in the Clearwater River region.


James Duxbury, B and B Farms Kuna

Grower Code: BB
Implementing natural process farming methods which includes berries, roots, veggies and wine grapes on over 5 acres in Kuna, Idaho. James recently introduced the Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin variety to the seed co-op. Visit their social media page for more information.




Brennan Henry Allsworth, Winnower Farm

Grower Code: WF

Brennan Henry, and team, of Winnower Farm grow in the Dry Creek Valley, just north of Boise. We grew a diverse array of vegetables, grains, and flowers. We are particularly obsessed with the beauty of grains, in the field and the oven, all while enjoying the many facets of the agrarian bounties and labors. We look forward to promoting and stewarding a bountiful regional seedshed.



Butterfield Farm

Erin McLaughlin, Butterfield Farms

Grower Code: BU

Butterfield Farms is a small family farm (or is it a large family garden?) located on 2 1/2 acres of historic property in downtown Weiser. Christopher and Erin McLaughlin grow a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and cut flowers using sustainable practices without chemicals. Their favorite seed crop that they grow for SRSC is buckwheat, which Erin is always tempted to shear by the handful for cut flower arrangements. Thankfully, she restrains herself and SRSC is able to offer the seeds to its customers. (You're welcome)

Rich Felton

Grower Code: RF

Avid life long gardener, inspired by multiple generations of family. Spent the majority of my life in the high altitude of Wyoming where I started saving seeds in hopes of improving plant hardiness year over year. Over the years I have attempted to grow a little of everything, failing multiple times on long season varieties. But I continually try to improve to show others it can be done no matter where you live. 


Kristi Appelhans

Grower Code: KA
Kristi Appelhans is the president of the Idaho Falls Community Garden Association, where she helps coordinate multiple community gardens around the city. A longtime seed saver and avid home gardener, Kristi has introduced Snake River Seed Cooperative to multiple exciting rare tomato varieties, many of which have become beloved Co-op favorites, including Dr. Carolyn cherry tomatoes, Holy Myrrhbearers, Paul Robeson, and Hill Marmandes.

Dana Rassmussen, Fellowship Farms

Grower Code: FF

Dana grows large quantities of organic certified beans and peas on his farm in Paul, Idaho. Dana's seed crops include Provider Bean, Rocdor Bean, Royal Burgundy Bean, Sugar Snap Pea, Oregon Sugar Pod II Pea, Green Arrow Pea, and Blizzard Snow Pea, plus more.


Julie Sheen and Tyler Pratt, Giving Ground Farm

Grower Code: GG

We are a family farm run by Julie Sheen and Tyler Pratt. We grow organic seeds, produce, and flowers just north of Pocatello in fertile Snake River valley soil. By using natural methods of pest control including row cover and diverse plantings, we keep our produce chemical-free. We strive to steward an agricultural-ecosystem on our farm, encouraging predators of pest insects through habitat which attracts them. Seeds are sold at market and online, and we specialize in year round abundance in short season climates. All varieties are grown on our farm and are adapted to mature in short seasons, store well, or have some amount of frost tolerance.  Soil fertility is provided by composted plant material and composted manure from our animals, and organic nutrient and mineral amendments we mix ourselves. Minimal tillage and a winter cover-cropping program help us maintain our soil's natural excellent tilth. Animals are a necessary part of our sustainable farm system. We raise grass-fed beef, dairy goats, chickens, and honeybees. We love growing food and helping grow local sustainable food systems!


Jessica McAleese and Jeremy Shreve, Swift River Farm

Grower Code: SR

Nestled in the heart of Idaho, we are committed to organic and sustainable farming methods, which build, empower, and support our region's food system, from farm to fork.  Swift River Farm is a small, but diverse vegetable farm, run by Jeremy Shreve and Jessica McAleese.  Growing over 100+ varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers, we work hard to create dynamic and enduring partnerships between our farm and our community.  While Swift River Farm is regionally known for our organic culinary garlic, seed stock, and garlic braids/bouquets, we also grow many varieties of regionally adapted vegetable and flower seeds. For more information, visit their website, facebook, or instagram page. 


Winniford Family Farm

Winniford Family Farm

Grower Code: WI

We are a diversified farm located in NE WA state in the Northern Columbia River region. We are a husband & wife team (Andrew and Kristine Winniford) but you’ll often find our 5 children helping in the garden. We grow a wide variety of crops including seed garlic, aromatic herbs and flowers, and always lots of vegetables and perennial berries. We sell our premium seed garlic through our website Mountain Valley Garlic and are happy to have SRSC offer our garlic through the co-op. Our fresh herbs are either distilled in our on-farm distillery or sold to other organic distillers where they become lovely hydrosols used in cosmetics, kitchens, and aromatherapy. We love to grow vegetables and grow most of our own food. We always grow too much and work in different ways to share with our community. We hope that our work with Snake River Seed Cooperative will enable more gardeners and farmers to participate in our region food shed, utilizing seeds that are adapted to our unique region.


Sage River and Family, Oasis Homestead

Grower Code: OH

Sage River and his family have been growing a variety of things for many years.  They use only organic/non spray practices, partly to help their bees and all the other creatures that partake of their land in South West Nampa. He has a bit of a permaculture addiction and tries to plant, water and harvest something each day that he can. They are looking forward to contributing to the seed shed of our region in whatever ways possible!



Carrie Jones  

Carrie Jones grows a garden at Draggin' Wing Farm in Boise, Idaho, and loves being able to grow seeds for Snake River Seed Cooperative. She's been part of the cooperative since the beginning, and is thrilled to witness it growing into a truly grower owned organization that benefits growers, customers, and our whole bioregion. Her favorite seed crop is a tomato of mysterious origins now called cuore di capra (heart of the goat) which she introduced to SRSC early on, and which she would like to dedicate to Leah and Mica, the best goats.


Marcus Intinarelli and Rebecca Woollett, Thompson Creek Farm

Grower Code: TC

My partner Becca and I run a small ¾ acre certified organic biodiverse vegetable farm. We practice many biodynamic principals along with various natural farming methods. We also specialize in heirloom and open pollinated crops. We mainly distribute our produce through a local CSA program, a farmer’s market and to a few restaurants. We started the farm in late 2016 after returning home from a 10-month internship on a certified organic seed farm in southern Oregon. Our hope is to eventually expand our organic seed production and make that the priority here at Thompson Creek Farm. 


Montana Survival Seed

Grower Code: MH 

Montana Survival Seed is located in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana. I love seeds b/c they are genetic dreams which hold stories and experiences from the past.  All life is a seed, comes from a seed, and wants to make more seed. I wild harvest a good amount of native seeds, harvest natives from the mountain garden or from the land here at home, or harvest from surrounding areas near the mountain hideaway. I also tend a seed farm at the Missoula Grain and Vegetable Company in Stevensville, MT.  They are a farm of bad azz and hard working folk who love to get food to the peoples. I tend a good amount of land...about 10,000 square feet all worked by my hands and hand dinosaur farts or tractors help with my seed farm.  I incorporate lots of chemical-free cow compost into the land to help our earthworm and fungi friends feast. 

Lesley Juel and Andy Query, Quel Ranch

Grower Code: QR

We share our land with four goats (Delmar pictured here), a hearty flock of hens, and countless other animals such as ducks, owls, snakes, skunks, rabbits, and the occasional marmot. We grow herbs and flowers for our Happy Hen Nesting Blends (herbs for backyard chickens) which is available on our Etsy page. We love growing fruit, veggies, and flowers and are delighted to be a seed growing member of Snake River Seed Co-op. When we're not tending to our animals and crops, Andy enjoys building and repairing guitars and ukuleles, and Lesley enjoys creating handmade crafts.


David Lau, Redtail Seeds

Grower Code: RS

Although I’ve been growing vegetables for over a decade until a few years ago I thought little of seeds and their stories. Now I feel perpetually drawn towards the rich stories and traditions associated with seed work. Red-tail seeds is the latest chapter in my farming journey and is my first foray into running my own operation. Nestled in the corner of an established vegetable farm in Missoula my small plot allows me to explore the process of growing seeds and contribute in some way towards developing regional seed sources. I am eager to discover where this path may lead and learn from the wisdom of more experienced seed practitioners. Beyond the fences of the farm, I spend as much time as possible wandering through the forests, camping, and of course thoroughly enjoy wintertime skiing and playing hockey.


Erika Greenwell, Tenacity Farm

Grower Code: EG 

I have been tiny farming for about 25 years. 3 years ago I felt the need to downsize what I was doing; too much water, too much work to grow for just me and my partner. I started growing for birds, bees and butterflies. With the chance to grow seeds for Snake River Seeds I feel like I am getting to grow for 1000’s.



Boise Urban Garden School 

Boise Urban Garden School 

Grower Code: BG

The Boise Urban Garden School (BUGS) is a specialized, inquiry-based education organization. We strive to provide students with unique learning experiences by utilizing an organic garden setting. We know that a student who is able to dig in the soil, plant a seed and watch it grow will be excited to eat the fruits of their labor and will better understand the science behind a sprouting seed or the process of photosynthesis. 



Sly Owl

Teresa Bruffey Kaufman, Sly Owl Ranch

Grower Code: SO 

Sly Owl Ranch is a mini farm nestled in the hills above the South Fork of the Payette River. On our very steep mountainside, we farm in a series of south facing, sun-loving terraces and a 4-season greenhouse. We grow and save Feverfew and Hillbilly tomato seeds, and also wild harvest Arrowleaf Balsamroot seed from plants growing native on our property for the coop. In addition to plants for seed, we grow a wide variety of veggies and flowers to sell at the Crouch Farmers Market, along with SRSC seeds, plants, and eggs from our happy chickens. Surrounded by ponderosa forest, we operate sustainably with the natural surroundings working alongside deer, elk, myriad insects (yay, pollinators!), skunks, and frogs. If you plan to visit the Garden Valley area for rafting, hiking, snowshoeing, or other outdoor activities, we invite you to stay at our cozy, secluded yurt.



 William Schlegel and Family

Grower Code: WS 

William Schlegel is an educator, botanist, and gardener. As an educator he loves to teach students about botany, plant breeding, seeds, and the natural world. As a botanist he is fascinated by the conservation of plants and the effects of climate change on sustainable food systems. He sees plant breeding as a way citizen scientists can help adapt their communities to climate change. He has contributed several new varieties to the Snake River Seed catalogue and is working on more. He has ten isolation gardens spread over eight acres near Ronan MT where he grows breeding projects of tomatoes, corn, squash, and fava beans. Aimee Schlegel also a botanist grows cut flower seeds, Both Aimee and William grow native wildflowers. Theodore Schlegel usually grows watermelons with William and is now five.




Alison Ward, Downtown Teaching Farm - Boise High School 

Grower Code: BH

The Downtown Teaching Farm is an outdoor classroom and community garden tended by the students and teachers at Boise High School in Downtown Boise, in partnership with neighbors and school families.  With a focus on soil health, biodiversity, and climate resilience, this teaching farm has been working to rehabilitate the vacant block between 11th and 12th on Fort Street in Boise’s North End for the past 10 growing seasons.  The students and staff at Boise High are very excited to build seed harvest for the SRSC into our existing practice of seed saving and sharing in our seed library.



Gregg Batt, Ogden Seed Exchange

Grower Code: GB

I am an experienced Seedsman and grow on a small 1-acre home and farm plot. This little farm provides a lot of what we eat. I attended Seed School with Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance. I grow with a deep mulch no-till methodology and use no chemical pesticides or herbicides in drip irrigated grow beds, better than most current conventional organic regulations.

Gregg also organizes the annual Ogden Seed Exchange!


  Brad Jaeckel and Family, Orchard Farm

Grower Code: OR

Orchard Farm was established in 2004 on the site of the original farm at the end of Orchard Avenue on the north side of Moscow.  It is a small farm (1.3 acres) with enough room for about ½ acre of gardens and fruit trees.  The gardens are primarily used for cut flowers, herbs, and botanicals used in Orchard Farm Soap, our family business.  We have enough room to grow a few extra special crops for seed each year. For more details, visit our website, facebook, or instagram.


Jen Zissou and Family, Ribier Gardens

Grower Code: RG 

We are a small, family-run farm in Meridian, Idaho, committed to bringing our customers the most wholesome produce and beautiful flowers in the Treasure Valley. We sell a wide variety of heirloom and non-GMO fruits, seeds, vegetables, and nuts, in addition to cut flowers. We respect and take care of our land, soil, and water to ensure that the food you eat is tasty, nutritious, and environmentally friendly. Our products are available seasonally at the Boise Farmers Market, the Boise Co-op,  and at your local floral designer and sustainably-minded restaurants.


Ana Sigler - Plum Shed Seeds

Ana Sigler, Plum Shed Seeds

Grower Code: PL

I have been learning about plants and how to grow them for much of my life. However, I started studying them for my Conservation Biology degree at Kent State University in Ohio in 2007. I went on to grow and care for them in multiple capacities before finally settling into my current home in Sandpoint, Idaho. My passion is in exploring native plants and how to best care for my landscape. I treat my garden like an ecological restoration project. There is a lot of thought and care that goes into the plants I choose and my long-term goals for our little lot. I’ve mostly recently been enjoying growing all sorts of flowers because they bring me joy as well as the many varieties of pollinators that visit our yard.



Maija Baehr, Mielikki’s

Grower Code: MI

Maija started working the soil in her Boise garden in 2017; like many, what started as a hobby became an obsession, and seed-related pursuits are now her full-time gig. She has since founded Mielikki’s with the goal of cultivating perennials native/adapted to the Treasure Valley to rehabilitate pollinator habitat and populations. She hopes to serve as an additional local source of education and support for those adding native, xeric, drought-tolerant, and other beneficial plants to their landscape. Mielikki’s first perennial seed crop for SRSC will be hesperaloe parviflora grown from seed collected from her neighbor (may no viable seed go to waste!). To learn more, visit @Mielikkis on Facebook or Instagram.


Ted Kovarik Sonshine Acres 

Ted Kovarik, Sonshine Acres

Grower Code: SA

Sonshine Acres is a homestead-style ranch located in the Valley of Plenty, Emmett Idaho. We grow market gardens as well as for us and our animals. We raise our own animals which helps to produce our own manure based compost. Ted has completed the Veteran farming program, “Harvest Heroes” through the University of Idaho. We also have a ministry aspect by providing “Blessing Baskets” to those in need.




Colby Moe

Grower Code: CM

I’m a hobby grower in Boise. Enjoy contributing how I’m able. I support, and acknowledge the importance of having a network and source for bio regionally produced seeds. Respect, admire, and am thankful for all the work that S.R.S.C. puts forth to provide us with such a valuable resource.


Native Seeds

Grower Code: NS

Native Seeds is a group of wildcrafters around Utah and Idaho. They collect and clean seeds from native plants in our region. Their crops include Showy Milkweed, Bee Plants, and Penstemons.


Staci Hunter of Buds, Blossoms and Bouquets

Buds Blossoms & Bouquets

Grower Code: BD

Lavender and flower farm in Ontario, Oregon

Joe Redden | Black Fox Farm  

Black Fox Farm

Grower Code: BL

I’m a small scale bio-intensive micro farm. I strive to grow organically produce products free of all chemicals and pesticides. I believe strong communities are center around local food. My mission is to grow healthy organic produce and seeds for the greater Treasure valley and continue using only sustainable agricultural practices. My farm is located in the Dry Creek valley just outside of Boise. My Instagram is blackfoxfarmfresh and my email is


Jana and Geoffrey Yockey, Garlic Gods

“When we were first married we talked about our future and we both knew that we would eventually end up on a farm. We knew that we wanted to pursue organic farming, and we talked about many different specialty crops before deciding on garlic. We knew we wanted to be hands on and bring a product directly from our farm to the consumer. We grow gourmet garlic, an heirloom crop. We do not use pesticides or herbicides, and we are always working to improve our crop, soil, varieties and availabilty.” - Garlic Gods


Helen Brookman, Seedster

Grower Code: SS

Helen is a Master Gardener and a longtime seed saver in Boise, Idaho. She is an avid backyard gardener, some seasons growing in her own yard, her elderly neighbor’s, and two different community garden plots. Though small in scale, her impact on the co-op is huge. As a librarian, Helen has a penchant for researching rare varieties and then trialing them in one of her gardens. When she thinks something is promising, she’ll share it with us in the co-op. Over the years, Helen has grown a HUGE range of crops for us, from her Canyon County Fair Grand Prize-winning: Tuxana Sweet corn (pictured in the photo above) to Cocozelle Zucchini, Marketmore Cucumbers, zinnias, tons of flowers and tomatoes, and so much more! She routinely offers seed saving classes through the public library system and through the Master Gardeners.



James and Leslee Reed, Onsen Farm

Grower Code: OF
Onsen, which means “healing hot springs” in Japanese has the good fortune to have a unique resource of 130 degree geothermal artesian water which enables them to grow produce all winter in 5 high tunnel greenhouses in Buhl, Idaho. They have a winter CSA, sell online through Idaho’s Bounty, and supply produce to restaurants and boutique grocers, all while growing seeds for SRSC. They grow organically in the soil and with aquaponics. Onsen Farm‘s mission/vision is to create a model of a permaculture based way of living by using sustainable and ethical practices in raising healthy food for vibrant people.

Fiddlers Green Farm

Grower Code: FI
Fiddler’s Green Farm is a small, diverse, Certified Organic farm located in the Dry Creek Valley just outside of Boise, Idaho. They grow a wide variety of vegetables and cut flowers for Boise's markets. They believe in building community through people’s connection with food. You can find their products at The Boise Farmers Market, the Boise Co-op, and many Boise restaurants and flower shops.


Diane Jones, Draggin' Wing High Desert Nursery

Grower Code: DD

A self-proclaimed “plant nut”, Diane is the owner/operator of Draggin’ Wing High Desert Nursery which produces a wide array of Idaho native and locally adapted water-thrifty plants for landscaping. Her nursery and seed saving garden are both located in Boise, Idaho. Most plants are hardy perennials, along with a handful of colorful native annuals. She focuses on low-maintenance, low-water, pollinator-friendly landscape plants.

Sherry Hession and David Sheppard, Freezone Farm

Grower Code: FZ
We started "Freezone Farm" because we have been seed saving (David for about 35 years, Sherry about 10 years) and decided to attempt to recover some of our annual cost and to create a better opportunity to spread heritage vegetable varieties around the Inland Northwest. We had about 150 varieties in our seed collection, which includes 26 potatoes and 22 garlic. We devoted most of the garden to trials with new (heirloom) varieties and to grow out our existing collection in order to maintain fresh seed. We always used organic practices (we've been on our property since 2010), maintaining the Certified Organic standards of the WSDA for 2 years. Though we have fully retired from this business we still garden.



Dusty Perkins and students, College of Western Idaho - Biology Club

Grower Code: CW

The College of Western Idaho native plant display is a living exhibition that showcases many plants of the Intermountain West and Rocky Mountains. Located in Nampa, Idaho, the primary purpose of the display is to educate the public about the remarkable plants that have adapted to the unique climate conditions of this region. The display further serves as a demonstration of how native plants can be used to create attractive, low-maintenance and water-wise landscaping that enhances natural biodiversity. The garden is home to events that include the CWI Native plant sale (mid-April), Native plant and seed cleaning workshops (Fall) and routine service learning events.