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Help us Re-Name This Collection!

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Votes will be counted for all submissions entered by Sunday December 18th at 12pm MST. 

Vote on a New Name for this Collection: Supplemental Food Garden

Check out the current Supplemental Food Garden collection page to see the full list of seeds included in this collection.

Followers of our Facebook and Instagram pages provided SO MANY great options in Round 1 of this naming process that we curated two additional options from the post comments, indicated with the note "Added by Staff." Due to the addition of options by staff, we will honor the second-most voted with a collection! Prize winners will be notified to select their chosen 6-8 packet seed collection which will be shipped the week of December 26th. 


Why We Created This Collection

We see gardening as an act full of abundant potential and peace. If we have enough food to feed ourselves, families, and share with neighbors and community members, we’re planting more than food for a sense of security—we are collaborating with Nature to meet our needs.

The Supplemental Food Garden idea is inspired by successes of prior generations. There is much to respect about the Victory Garden era, the massive food-growing campaign initiated during WWI and WWII to inspire and support people all over the nation to grow their own food. It was reported that people were able to supplement 40% of their food needs. That was a wartime effort. We are arguably in a tumultuous time with similar needs, but at SRSC we choose to focus on the proactive possibilities that consciously working with the seeds and with people can offer.

In our current time food costs have risen anywhere from 9-13% in the past year, according to the USDA, Forbes, and The Hill. Prices are anticipated to continue increasing over the coming year at a rate of around 1.5% according to CNBC. For some, the food bill is competing with the mortgage or rent.

In the Spring of 2020 a lot of people turned to gardens for the sense of security growing one’s own food can offer. For “pandemic era” gardeners it’s been a prolific discovery to learn just HOW MUCH FOOD can be grown! Compare the cost of this collection to the cost of food from the store for 1-2 months. It’s a marvel to see just what variety is possible from one garden. It’s also a source of deep and continuous joy to share the wonders gardens can produce with others. When seeds are regionally adapted to our unique place on Earth, they prove to excel in gardens all around our region! We developed this collection with all of this in mind.

In this seed collection, we want to provide a diverse variety of veggies, greens, herbs, flowers, some keeper crops and grain alternatives to be able to thrive on! All of our seeds are open-pollinated and can be saved. This one garden pack can supply a household with a substantial amount of food in the course of one season, with abundance to share! From saved seeds, this one garden pack can continue to produce more food each year!

Thank you for your time, creativity, and participation in this collection-naming process!