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Melon, Crane

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Cucumis melo L.

This heirloom Crenshaw style melon weighs around 4 to 6 pounds with a sweet and delicious flavor. It was first introduced by the Crane Family in 1920 in Santa Rosa, CA. Originally, it was crossed between a Japanese melon and a cantaloupe. It took until the 1990’s that anyone outside of the Crane family was legally allowed to grow this spectacular melon. It is featured on the Ark of Taste: Slow Food USA.

Seeds grown by Thompson Creek Farm in Newman Lake, WA.

30 seeds.

Growing and Harvesting tips from Thompson Creek Farm:
"Do not overwater while fruits are ripening. It will make them less sweet and watery. We discontinued irrigation completely for the last few weeks as they ripened. Melons are ripe when they slip from the vine. The rind also turns a light yellow color and the fruits are very fragrant."

Directions: Start seed indoors 2-4 weeks before last frost. Or, direct seed after last frost.

Planting Depth

Plant Spacing

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