Bluebird Forest Garden Seed Collection

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Celebrate Bluebird Forest Garden with this collection of seeds they have stewarded in their garden!

Eaters everywhere are connecting with farmers through purchasing locally-grown food from farmer's markets. At SRSC, we want to extend that same important connection to the seeds which grow our food! Our main mission is to engage Intermountain West farmers to grow and adapt seeds for our bioregion.  

Thank you for showing our growers you care about locally-grown seeds! Click here to view a full list of our growers. 

From Angus:
I've always loved good food and have been gardening one way or another most of my life. For the past 13 years, I've been clearing and planting a large garden and orchard that now produces most of my fresh food needs. This is virgin soil here and I never use synthetic anything! I save most of my own seeds and have been selling them to the awesome SRSC for three years now. Mammoth sunflower and Burgess Buttercup squash are my favs. I'm into native food crops as well as perennial crops and year-round harvest. Bluebird Forest Garden is part of a land-based community that I'm hoping to form in the Orofino hills of Idaho and in the meantime, a gardening partner would be greatly appreciated! I'm also going to be giving wilderness food gathering lessons in this humid, bountiful area of Idaho. 

Grower Code: AH

This Collection Includes:

  • Grand Rapids Lettuce - 200 seeds
  • Vates Collard Greens - 145 seeds
  • Green Orach - 150 seeds
  • Burgess Buttercup Squash - 10 seeds
  • Catnip - 175 seeds
  • Fireweed - 200 seeds


*At Snake River Seed Cooperative, we source our seeds from over 50 farmers within the Intermountain West. Occasionally, we have varieties that go out of stock. If a variety from this collection is out of stock and the collection is ordered before we are able to update the product list, we will substitute a different, but similar packet in the collection.