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Twisp River Seed Collection

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Celebrate Twisp River Seed with this collection of seeds they have stewarded on their farm!

Eaters everywhere are connecting with farmers through purchasing locally-grown food from farmer's markets. At SRSC, we want to extend that same important connection to the seeds which grow our food! Our main mission is to engage Intermountain West farmers to grow and adapt seeds for our bioregion.  

Thank you for showing our growers you care about locally-grown seeds! Click here to view a full list of our growers. 

Twisp River Seed is a 1 acre farm that has been producing vegetable, herb, and flower seed since 2013. Located 3 miles up Twisp River from the tiny town of Twisp, Washington, most seed produced at Twisp River Seed is sold wholesale to seed retailers around the region and the country. In addition, Twisp River Seed has launched a new collaboration with other nearby growers called the Methow Valley Seed Collective, which will offer locally adapted seed throughout eastern Washington and beyond. We specialize in seed crops that thrive in the semi-arid inland Northwest, like to experiment with a diverse cropping system, and also maintain a few plant breeding projects on the side.


Anaka has grown a wide variety of crops for SRSC: Bee Balm, Yellowstone & Scarlet Nantes Carrots, Fava Beans, California Mix & Hungarian Blue Poppies, Misato Rose Radish, Culinary Sage, Soybean, & Costata Romanesco Zucchini.

Grower Code: TR

This Collection Includes:

  • Scarlet Nantes Carrots – 250 seeds
  • Holy Basil - 225 seeds
  • German Striped Stuffer Tomato - 30 seeds
  • Hale's Best Jumbo Melon - 30 seeds
  • Tonda di Parigi Carrot - 250 seeds
  • Hungarian Blue Breadseed Poppy – 500 seeds


*At Snake River Seed Cooperative, we source our seeds from over 50 farmers within the Intermountain West. Occasionally, we have varieties that go out of stock. If a variety from this collection is out of stock and the collection is ordered before we are able to update the product list, we will substitute a different but similar variety.