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Amaranth, Emerald Tassels

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Amaranthus caudatus

A cascade of itty-bitty lime green flowers flows from these beauties like a glorious waterfall.

Amaranth was a staple grain of the Aztec people in Mexico. It also played a large role in Aztec festivals and ceremonies, and was thus outlawed by the Spanish colonizers. The importance of this plant was not forgotten, and lucky for us, many Aztec people rebelled by continuing to grow and save the seed. 

A wonderful ornamental flower for arrangements, this one also stands out in the garden, producing huge plumes that plunge gracefully downward, sometimes for several feet! Superb middle-of-the-border plant. Plants reach 36-48" tall, blooming from mid-summer until frost. 

Seeds grown by Flowers with Rye in Boise, Idaho.

300 seeds.

Directions: Direct seed after last frost or start indoors early. Thin to 18-24" for bigger seed heads.

Planting Depth

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