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Corn, Glass Gem

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Zea mays

Unbelievably stunning popcorn displaying a rainbow of glassy colors!

The story of corn and people is a beautiful one of co-creation. Thousands of years ago, Indigenous people in modern day Central America worked side-by-side with a wild grass named Teosinte until it became what we know as maize, or corn. From there, it traveled north and south all over the Western hemisphere along trade routes, and hundreds of different indigenous groups adapted it for their unique place on earth, where it shaped their diets and cultures. For thousands of years, Native communities have cared for their maize despite colonizers trying to separate them from it in order to control them. Both the corn and the corn stewards have survived, and it is through the generosity of both of them that we have the gift of corn today.

Most recently, Carl Barnes, a Cherokee farmer from Oklahoma bred this absolutely breathtaking corn, and since his death, his student Greg Shoen has been stewarding it through its rise to stardom--indeed, it's the only vegetable we know of with its own Facebook page! Though it is technically a popcorn, it doesn't pop very well, Instead, it serves as one of the most gorgeous plants you could ever grow, and if you want to eat it, it's best to grind it into flour--makes a pretty delicious cornbread! Excellent plant to introduce kids to the wonders of the natural world! Open-pollinated.

Seeds grown by Banbury Farm in Buhl, Idaho.

70 seeds.

Directions: Direct seed after last frost. Corn is wind pollinated and should be planted in at least 4'x4' blocks to achieve full cobs. Harvest when cobs have dried completely on plant.

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