Cucumber, Addis Pickling

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Cucumis sativus

A fine little cucumber with a superb affinity for the pickling process.

Ferment it, brine it, or eat it fresh! This variety produces dark green fruit with white stripes and is best harvested when 5-7". This variety was bred by R. L. Lower of North Carolina State University in 1976. Performs great in our high altitude desert climate!

Seed grown by Winnower Farm in Dry Creek, Idaho and Oasis Homestead in Nampa, Idaho.

30 seeds.

Directions: Direct seed after danger of frost has passed and soil is consistently warm, or start indoors 2-4 weeks early and transplant. Thin to 12" spacing. Provide a trellis.

Planting Depth

Seed Spacing

Days to Germination

Days to Maturity



5-14 55