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Eggplant, Diamond

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Solanum melongena

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Diamonds are a PNW gardeners Best Friend!  

The Northwest isn't often known for its eggplant production.  With cool summers and short growing seasons, a gardener is often left watching anxiously if their eggplant flowers will bear fruit.  Diamond Eggplant is the answer! Brought to the United States from seeds collected in the Ukraine in 1993 by Kent Whealy, co-founder of Seed Savers Exchange. A very prolific variety for cool-climate production.

Diamonds produce beautiful, slender, 4-8” long, buttery, and not at all bitter eggplant.

Seeds grown by Swift River Farm in Salmon, Idaho.

30 seeds.

Directions: Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 85 degrees F, so provide bottom heat if possible for best germination. Transplant after danger of frost (65+ nighttime temps). 

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Seed Spacing

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