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Lily, Glacier

Lily, Glacier

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Erythronium grandiflorum

An early blooming, native wildflower for the Intermountain West!

Glacier Lilies first bloom in spring just after the snow melts. They are a very short, nodding flower, growing to a height of 6-15”. They prefer fertile and moist soils, high elevation, and shady areas. Glacier lily corms overwinter 5-7” underground, and they are an important food source for grizzly bears, deer, elk, and bighorn sheep. 

Seeds grown by Montana Survival Seed in Florence, Montana.

60 seeds

Directions: Direct seed in fall for best results. Or, store in damp sand in refrigerator for 4 months before direct seeding in spring. Remember where you planted it - a single leaf will appear within the first year, and the plant will take a few years to become fully established.

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