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Four O'Clocks, Marvel of Peru

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Mirabilis jalapa

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Bringing tropical locations to your garden. 

This beauty of the garden, will delight your senses with it's fragrantly, stunning tropical looking flowers.   

Four O’ Clocks, also known as Marvel of Peru, is native to the tropical Americas and was introduced into Spain and then England from Peru in the 1500’s. The name Marvel of Peru refers to the way in which people marvel when the plant bursts into bloom at exactly 4 o’clock.  The plant produces trumpet shaped flowers in a variety of striking colors including pink, yellow, white, burgundy, and cerise that remain open all night and close the following morning.  Fragrant blooms are attractive to pollinators and especially alluring to hummingbird moths. This tender perennial (zone 7-10), is generally grown as an annual throughout most of the US.  

The shrub grows tall and spreading, multi-branched plants grow 2-3 feet tall and wide.  This sturdy plant can be used as an annual hedge if planted close together. They are right at home in a cottage garden, in borders and beds, or can be added to large containers. If possible place them along on lighted walkways where the night-blooming flowers and fragrance can be appreciated. 

Seeds grown by Swift River Farm in Salmon, Idaho.

100 seeds

Directions: Four O’ Clocks can tolerate many soil types and will grow in poor soil, but they prefer a loamy soil amended with compost. They can prosper in both full sun and partial shade. Plant seeds after the danger of frost has passed in the spring or start in-doors 6-8 weeks before the last frost date.  The plants will begin to bloom in mid-July and will continue until the first heavy frost.

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