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Poppy, Hungarian Blue Breadseed
Poppy, Hungarian Blue Breadseed

Poppy, Hungarian Blue Breadseed

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Papaver somniferum

The best variety for edible poppy seeds, with beautiful purple-blue flowers.

Hailing from Eastern Europe, this variety grows oodles of delicious poppy seeds. 4' tall whimsical purple-blue flowers give way to decorative seed heads that fill with hundreds of tiny, yummy seeds! Easy to harvest--simply shake the dry seedheads upside down into a bag. Open-pollinated heirloom.

Seed grown by Twisp River Seed in Twisp, WA and Greentree Naturals in Sandpoint, Idaho.

500 seeds.

Directions: Direct seed in fall or late winter. Or, keep seeds in wet sand in fridge for at least one month before planting. Poppies reseed.

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