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Pumpkin, Rouge Vif D'Étampes

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Cucurbita maxima
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Brilliantly flame-colored 'Cinderella' pumpkins 


Rouge Vif D’Etampes pumpkin is the classic "Cinderella" variety. Its stunning color and unique shape make it fit for a fairy tale or holiday decorations. This classic heirloom was mentioned by famous French seed house, Vilmorin, as the most popular pumpkin in Parisian markets of the 1880s. The name translates to “Vivid red from Etampes” a nod to the medieval town just south of Paris where it was grown for market.  

This variety is the standard for French soup stocks. The fruit can reach up to 20 pounds a piece and will store well, keeping nutritious squash on the menu all winter long.

Seeds Grown by Affinity Farm in Moscow, Idaho.

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Directions: Direct seed after last frost. Or start indoors in pots 3-4 weeks before last frost and transplant out after. Make sure to not disturb roots during transplant.

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