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Tomato, Exserted Orange

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Solanum escuelentum

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This is another unique variety of tomato via Joseph Lofthouse and collaboration with William Schlegel. The flavor of the Exserted Orange Tomato is a delicious and ever-evolving variety.

Notes from William Schlegel;

"This tomato is the result of an open cross between determinate Big Hill which has open and exserted flowers and putatively an unknown orange indeterminate tomato in Malcolm Schraedenderfritz’s garden in 2017. Fruit is variable in size, orange and bicolor fruits are both present. Plants may be determinate or indeterminate."

Note: If you are growing other Lofthouse varieties of tomatoes and don't want any cross pollination, it is recommended to keep them isolated from one another. However, if you're willing to experiment and develop new varieties - go for it! 

Tomatoes are native to northwestern South America and by at least 500 BC they had been domesticated and were being cultivated as far north as modern-day Mexico, enjoyed by Aztec and other civilizations. They spread to Europe and the Caribbean through the Spanish colonizers, where they became staple parts of the food culture in many European countries as well.

Exserted Orange Tomato was submitted to the Open Source Seed Initiative by plant breeder William Schlegel.

Seeds grown by William Schlegel in Ronan, Montana and Sonshine Acres in Emmett, Idaho.

30 seeds.

Directions: Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost and transplant out after. If transplanting, bury past first set of leaves, add eggshells to soil for calcium, and provide support.

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