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Vetch, Hairy

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Vicia villosa
An easy-to-grow cover crop, sure to improve soil and attract pollinators!
Hairy Vetch, also known as ‘Sand Vetch’, ‘Winter Vetch’, and ‘Woolypod Vetch', originated in northern areas of Europe and Asia. However, over time, it has found itself in most parts of North America. It is a nitrogen-fixing legume, making it an excellent cover crop. Will self-sow.
Note from Steve Paulson of Sunnyside Vine Farm:
"Hairy Vetch can fix as much as 200 lb/acre of atmospheric nitrogen (typically 110lb/acre), grows in a wide range of conditions, and is quite hardy. Bees obviously prefer Hairy Vetch over anything."
This is an heirloom variety!
Seeds grown by Sunnyside Vine Farm in Lenore, Idaho.
440 seeds.
Directions: As a cover crop, direct sow in early to mid-Fall. Alternatively, can be sown in Spring for a Summer crop or late Summer for a Fall/Winter Crop.

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