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Watermelon, Love's Baby Bump

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Citrullus lanatus

A brand NEW, Idaho-bred watermelon variety! Exclusively sold online at Snake River Seed Cooperative.

We are thrilled to introduce this exceptionally sweet watermelon to the world! Bred by Urban Horticulture Specialist Stephen Love in Aberdeen, Idaho, where the growing season is around 106 days. Stephen collected seeds from as many cold-germinating melon varieties from around the world as he could find. Then, he began the breeding project with an open-pollinated mass selection process. The result is a new watermelon variety that produces quality fruit under marginal temperatures. There is some variability with fruit size, including some large 25-pounders!

While pregnant during the 2023 season, our Inventory Manager Reiley grew the variety and shared the fruit with neighbors, friends, and family. You can imagine the challenge of harvesting giant, 25 lb watermelons while 8 months pregnant! The abundant harvest was even shared at her baby shower. The resounding feedback from all who had the pleasure of tasting this new variety: Love's Baby Bump Watermelon has excellent flavor, texture, and juiciness! We hope you enjoy this watermelon as much as we do!

Seeds grown by Affinity Farm in Moscow, Idaho.

25 seeds.

Directions: Start indoors in pots 4-5 weeks before last frost and transplant outside after. Or direct seed after last frost. Harden for a week before transplanting, and water thoroughly after. Melons are ripe when they slip from the vine.

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