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Wheat, Sonoran White

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Triticum aestivum

Earthy and esteemed awnless heirloom wheat with a rich history.  

Heritage grains, including heirloom wheats, are in the midst of a renaissance as small-scale farmers, bakers, and eaters rediscover their unique flavors and hardiness in the field. Sonoran soft white wheat was brought to the southwestern United States and northern Mexico in the 1600s by Spanish missionaries to make their communion wafers, but it found popularity among indigenous farmers who could grow it in rotation with corn as an additional crop to make masa for tortillas. It is a hardy, adaptable, and drought-tolerant variety. Also known as Olas Pilcan (Pima), Kno Wheat, and Trigo Mota.

Heritage wheats are often better tolerated by folks with gluten allergies than modern varieties. They are also more genetically diverse and therefore more adaptable to a diversity of growing regions.

Fun fact: wheat has a genome five times the size of the human genome! Hooray for heritage wheat!

For more information about this variety, check out Slow Food USA. https://slowfoodusa.org/white-sonora-wheat/

Seeds grown by Winnower Farm in Dry Creek Valley, Idaho and Titbout's Seeds in Missoula, Montana.

125 seeds

Directions: Direct seed in early Spring, in rows 6” apart. 

Germinates within a week, and is ready for harvest - when the hulls around the seeds are dry and tan - towards the end of Summer. 

Planting Depth

Seed Spacing

Days to Germination

Days to Maturity


3”- 6”